Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Win

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  1. 1) Old.
    2) Lame.
    3) Blake’s mom IS in fact awesome.

  2. 3 in a year? Wtf. Maybe I’m not good at realtionships but I’d say that number’s kind of small. I’ve had five in a year before, and I feel that’s a perfectly valid number. Of course I didn’t put all of them up on facebook so maybe that’s the idea here.

  3. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    I hear ya evilcow, most relationships usually last a month or two then it’s over. Good thing for me is we don’t bother each other and move on. In fact, most of the chicks I’ve dated I never friended on fb, good thing too but bad because summer is coming up and some looked good in bikinis.

  4. I’m gay, so, I’ve had up to 3 in a week…

  5. Of course I’m only counting monogamous committed relationships.

  6. ^ Ha! You’re a stereotype.

  7. @Evilcow Yeah, I’m thinking he meant “unstable” as in “I like to jump the gun and assume this one is for real even though it’s only been 2 hours”. One of my guy friends got freaked out because he went on one date and the chick wanted to change the status to “engaged” because she was so sure on this one.

  8. Some dude told me he loved me during our first date. If you want to see a chick run a mile in high heels, that’s the way to go about it.

  9. sorry Bacchante, but watching chicks running in heels is one of my favouritest things ever.

  10. ^ That’s because she likes to rape them

  11. Aw heck Obama is a swell lookin guy. Does resemble a turtle somewhat, but who’s counting?

  12. #8 I basically did the same thing with a fwb, she said it after about a week, I started laughing before I said no, not really (she asked me if I loved her after she said it..)..she saved herself by saying, “oh, well I love everybody so you don’t have to but that’s kinda mean” (look on her face was priceless), followed by awkwardness and another week or so of slippery fun before I decided it was best to just delete/block her number.

  13. Post 1 is an old joke from sickipedia, I’ve seen a few on here lately

  14. Bacchante – really? Holy fuck, was he a sandwich short of a picnic?

  15. Good one, Bacc. I’m laughing like a loon right now.

    But that story shouldn’t surprise you, baps. You’ve seen what the crazies out there will say to people they barely know, yeah?

  16. Oh indeed. People are capable of everything. Thank god for the block option!

  17. justno_imeanit

    Glad FB doesn’t auto-default relationship statuses: because it would have changed mine to “forever alone” a long time ago!

  18. Totally serious, word and curly. Nearly a year ago now. Chatted to him on the phone a few times, went out to dinner, had some drinks and he drops that on me!

    Not to sell myself short, but he was probably looking for an express residency application. I hope he found happiness with some other dupe.

  19. Aww but didn’t you think it was romantic, love and first sight and all that?

  20. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could block people in real life as easily as we can on Facebook?

    There’s nothing romantic about some dude putting it all out there within a second of knowing you, chickadee. I’ve had a couple of experiences similar to Bacc‘s, and they aren’t romantic. Nor are they flattering. They’re just fucking scary.

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