Friday, June 4, 2010

A Good Spot

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  1. Ben!

  2. These answers aren’t as creative as they could have been!

  3. I fail to see how the replies are any fun.

  4. “Parking lot attendants are like pimps, you roll up and they usher you to a fine space, charging a modest fee for the pleasure of residing there”

    “Car valets are seedy, you hand them the keys and they go park your car in a space while you watch helpless”

    “The car wash is a squirter…”

  5. While I find the last comment lame, the fact that the dude’s name is “Hung” totally excuses him.

  6. I like Rush’s response, pretty funny, and true.

  7. Hahaha, this was great!

  8. Meh, the only “funny” part of this whole thing was a BIT of Rush’s where he talks about going after a better spot, missing it, and losing your original.

    Personally, I like to leak oil all over the spot that I’m in, permanently deforming it so that whenever anyone else parks there, they see the oil and wonder if they’ve got some sort of leak, themselves.

  9. Metaphorical sex is probably all they’re getting.

  10. This is so true. So funny and true

  11. I once forgot to take off my winter/snow chains and tore the shit out of a parking space. I doubt anyone ever parked there afterwards, as they were afraid their tires would go flat.

    I also gave the parking spot chlamydia.

  12. mcowles, you’re rather mean to your parking spaces!

  13. Awesome!

  14. I personally have a favourite parking space. I like it because it’s in a convenient place and I’m good at parking there. It is mine and if anyone so much as uses it for maneuvering I’ll run over their parents. With my cock.

  15. ya but what sucks is that crippled people get the best spots……so i guess that means crippled dicks get the best vaginas?

  16. Opinionbreath, they just get the ones that are oversized and easier to access.

  17. I don’t think you’d want a over sized space. You’d want to put your 4-door sedan into a compact space. Ya know, you can get it in, but it’s a tight squeeze.

  18. it’s called a minivan. Two in the front and 5 in the rear

  19. ‘It is mine and if anyone so much as uses it for maneuvering I’ll run over their parents. With my cock.’

    Okay, I can’t top that. Night Lamebook.

  20. @mcowles do you work for bp?

  21. and Makster, well played. i lawled.

  22. Oh Hung, bless you. You were probably so happy to have thought of that.

  23. @ Makster. Best come back ever.

  24. Walter Sobchak

    I know of quite a few parking spaces that, when people leave them to find a better space, that space stays reserved for that car for quite a long time, and will only allow that car to park there – even if it only parks there once in a great while because it’s so busy parking in other spaces. Lots of times the cars are rather… poorly maintained, and pieces fall off onto the parking space – and then those pieces stay with the parking space for at least 18 years.

    Must be poor management.

  25. I can just see Hung with a huge smile on his face after that post and that makes me smile

    @mcowles you are hilarious, thank you for that post. It made my night

  26. Walter, so true, so very true.

    Damn you cars! I’ve had a few cars that have parked in my space, but I still have chills when I think of that Vega… purrrr.

  27. I always get a car wash before I park my car. There’s nothing quite like that shine after it’s finished.

  28. nuff! Where have you been? I’ve missed you!

  29. nuff, I hope you wash your car at least once a day, otherwise you’d have one smelly car.

  30. Katie the Cowpig-

  31. Sadly, I found Hung and his comment to be the only entertaining part of this. Probably because he seemed so excited.

    I <3 Hung.

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