Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Bads for Brad

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  1. What a Wallace…

  2. Classic. Raises a few q’s though. Teacher on facebook during class? And teacher facebook friends with students? Creep-book alert.

  3. PraetorianXVIII

    It’s discouraging that his teacher doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  4. ^I’m pretty sure he does know the difference an used them accordingly. He put “your are” as in a typo. Shut up.

  5. Wow, Mrs. Wallace is not too smart. She’s also not at all professional, which is unfortunate. Bright side–at least she’s a math teacher and not an English teacher.

  6. girlskill, apparently you missed “I see your friend with your parents” as well. So shut up.

  7. Actually, @girlskill, the math teacher DEFINITELY used “your” as “you are” in the sentence about Brad being friends with his parents- so, obviously the teacher IS illiterate. Sooooo, yea, Praetorian was right, and you were wrong. Sorry. Not really.

  8. Brilliant. This is why I love Lamebook, despite being fucking miserable and griping about it on every post.

  9. Also, MRS Wallace, so “he does know” and “he put” make you even more unobservant. Shut up.

  10. MsBuzzkillington

    If they had facebook while I was in high school, I wouldn’t have added my teachers. Unless he was really hot and buff.

  11. Gotta be fake. Jus’ sayin’

  12. Oh Lamebook, I’m fine with fake entries, but at least make sure they’re good and funny.

  13. I declare this one a fake. It seems highly unlikely to me that a teacher would make such grammar mistakes.

  14. Okay few things here-
    #1 this is a MATH teacher not an English teacher so language is not usually a strong suit; just like an English teacher will usually suck at higher math. Different parts of the brain.
    #2 friending your teacher is not really that uncommon, actually. Not only are my kids friends with some of their teachers so am I. I was laughing 1 day when one posted a ? about which student got her sick and 1 of them responded it wasn’t him because he’s been out when the English teacher jumped on the student for his bad grammar.
    #3 FBing in class I can see especially when kids are working and teacher is sitting at her desk on her computer. I had 1 of my son’s teachers who e-mailed me during class about him. One day I sent her an e-mail to give him a message which worked out great.

  15. First of all, you’re and your is VERY basic grammar.
    It would be like an English teacher not knowing addition.

    I kind of believed this one at first, but then I noticed all the posts were at the same time. So the mother was coincidentally on her Facebook at that exact same time?

    Also, I don’t know about where you guys are from, but all high schools around here have Facebook, Youtube, porn sites, etc. blocked. Not even the teachers can access them.

  16. Chantallika, all of your arguments against this can be easily refuted:

    1) Loads of people mix those two up. It’s not uncommon for people to accidentally use “you’re” when they mean “your” or vice versa. I do it sometimes too, but I usually catch it. This person obviously didn’t.

    2) At a certain point, Facebook will generalize the times. As opposed to saying “Posted one hour and forty-six minutes ago,” it will likely say “about an hour ago” or “2 hours ago” and so on. If you go look at past things you’ve posted it’ll have done the same.

    3) My high school unblocked Facebook, Twitter, and generally all social networking sites this year, so that’s not universally true for every high school. Also, the teacher states that he’s on Facebook on his phone, indicating he’s on a phone with a social networking plan, which doesn’t rely on the network of the school regardless of their firewall settings.

  17. Not good for a teacher to rant such a long post. And he uses 3 question marks in a row and ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ !

    I give a D- to that teacher 🙁

  18. Fakey fake!!

  19. I know entirely too many teachers who don’t know the difference between your and you’re. I’ll never understand it. Sound it out before you type it. If you can separate it into you are, it’s you’re. Pretty basic. And yet, being a teacher doesn’t exclude it from happening, or even lessen the frequency of it.

    A school can firewall on their computers but not on iPhones, and the post clearly says it was posted on an iPhone.

    Teachers that friend their students are creepy, hands down. I don’t care how common it’s becoming, it’s inappropriate and creepy.

  20. Using your phone in class eh! Well I’ll show you! not by walking over to you and taking it, no that would require far too much effort on my part and I’m busy messaging on facebook. Instead I’ll just leave a douchebag message on your wall commenting on how innappropriate it is to be using facebook during school hours! ha-ha! Now let’s just search for your parents so I can write them a wall post too…

    This is why women shouldn’t teach. Out with the women and back in with the imamofo’s!

  21. Also, I believed this was true until I realized women teaching math?

    yeah, it’s a fake….

  22. xmck33x, the teacher doesn’t say that he’s using Facebook on his phone. He’s only saying that he sees the student on his phone. Not that that changes your argument about removing firewalls and such, I just like to be a stickler.

  23. This is definitely fake, but not for any of the reasons already listed. Unfortunately in this day and age a parent who saw this would probably go after the teacher for “insulting” her child rather than disciplining her kid.

  24. #17 – Three question marks is standardised. It’s the two near the end that grates.
    #22 – It clearly says “via iPhone”. Just sticklin’.
    @”Your” vs. “you’re” – nobody cares that you’ve got a basic function of grammar down and someone else doesn’t.
    @”Fake”ers – You’re (yes, I can use it, but I don’t care about it) obviously not familiar with any literature of the latter half of the twentieth century. Look up post-modernity, history books are faker than this shit.

  25. Boring as shit. Y’all welcome.

  26. Oh dear Jonjones, and on International Women’s Day too.

  27. Hey you stupid tardos with poor reading comprehension, Mrs. Wallace clearly knows the difference between “your” and “you’re” as she correctly uses “your” about 10 times, “you’re” once, and then typos with “your are.”

    Are you too moronic to realize that she literally means that she can see Brad’s friends and his parents together in her vision and that she’s about to walk over to them and tell them what he’s bean doing?

  28. And by the way, my señor year calculus teacher was a woman and she knew her stuff.

  29. Now that I think about it, every single one of my math teachers has been a woman. True, I suck at math, but from what I could decipher they all seemed to know what they were doing.

  30. @curly, your are totally right! It is International Women’s Day today(and yes, the error is intentional lol)- it sucks America doesn’t celebrate it though :/ but pretty much every other country does- what a shame.

  31. Am I the only one that thinks the ‘as good at getting busted as you are at failing math tests’ comment is completely inappropriate? If this is real, I am not a fan of Mrs. Wallace. She shouldn’t be friends with students on facebook, she shouldn’t be on facebook during class, and she should most certainly not be speaking to a student in that way, even disregarding the failing math tests part.

  32. sandcat, you are correct, it does say “via iPhone” – under BRAD’S post. Not the teacher’s.

  33. I just realized I kept referring to the teacher as a “he” in my first post…whoops.

  34. This post should be called “Wallace Winnin'” Though the current name is a fine choice as well.

  35. Dear Mr. Wallace, *you’re !

  36. Dear Vixen, *Mrs.

  37. Wait a minute, why is that mrs. wallace allowed on facebook while teaching?

  38. Yeah, I don’t know where a lot of you are from, but here you will definitely get fired for being friends with your students on facebook. No questions asked.

  39. well done fake

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