Monday, March 7, 2011

Winnin’ & Grinnin’

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  2. I’m trying to find amusement, but the meatloaf misquote annoys me.

  3. I’m with Frankie. That was just terrible. Sanjay’s is just pure douchery – and doesn’t even make sense. Why would someone be trying to get INTO Sumit’s penis? I’m assuming Josef is using Aussie slang to allude to the fact that he’s about to jerk off, but what’s this about a “download limit”?

    Jordan’s was the only one that was even remotely funny.

  4. @Frankie83: Some countries have a download limit on their internet, so he’s refering to listening to them having sex to jerk off to instead of downloading pr0n.

  5. ‘Throwingtofu’ You’re just a little bit simple am I right..?

    Sanjay was making the joke that Sumit’s penis was so small it was difficult to get it into a woman’s vagina. Just because you’ve never seen one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! 😛

    And a “download limit” is the maximum amount of information you can download from the internet per month. You are using the internet, it should reallyyyyy be something you know about! Porn, being a video, requires a lot of information to be downloaded – so Josef was saying that instead of using a portion of his limited allowance of information per month, he would simply masturbate to the sounds of the neighbours.

    Stupid troll.

  6. Wait, Aussie slang? Where?

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    Loud sexy-time neighbors… been there, done that (not literally); at least mine were entertaining though. When the girl came she called out “ohh my goodnesssssss”, it was hilarious. I could also tell when the guy attempted surprise buttsecks – things would be normal then you’d hear “Baby NO! NOT ALLOWED!!” Yay apartment living.

  8. I used to have an upstairs neighbour who would bang his girlfriend at the same time every Saturday night. Never lasted more than ten minutes, and she went through the exact same cycle of screaming every time. I never did have the heart to politely knock on his door and tell him that she was faking. I don’t think the poor bastard had any idea.

  9. Riverside, don’t be an asshole. Not every country has download limits. Some of us are allowed to download as much porn as we want. It should reallyyyyy be something you know about! Stupid troll.

  10. I can download as much porn as I want. Until my laptop explodes. No limit here, so why would someone now about it if they don’t have to deal with it? Not knowing about something in a world full of infinite things to know doesn’t make some one “simple”, flaunting your “superior intellect” doesn’t make you superior.

  11. But knowing the difference between know and now does make me superior. Comments, awesome. Would be even better if she was saying it with a foreign accent.

  12. Also, Holly is as shit as Michael for claiming well played on his butchering of Meatloaf lyrics. Sounds like the chinglish version.

  13. Hahaha poopaloop!! Your first comment made me giggle lol!

  14. Meatloaf is fat. Or was, if he died. I am not really into him.

  15. Michael was good 🙂

  16. Silly Jordan….eggs from the grocery store aren’t fertilized.

    I think we need to implement “farm ed” in schools now 🙂

  17. Comments, that’s awesome. You should tell us stories more often.

  18. Wait…. did throwingtofu insinuate that “fapfapfap” is Aussie slang?

  19. throwingtofu im still looking for the aussie slang. Wanna help me out

  20. CommentsAtLarge

    Yeah Curly, my apartment complex has provided me with some interesting stories – the drunk guy who went on a kicking rampage, the 4th of July poolside sex couple. That is provided that wasn’t a sarcastic way of telling me to zip it…

  21. Comments, we should go for a drink sometime.

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