Thursday, January 16, 2014


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  2. Fake. Woody Boyd might have turned the phone into police, but Woody Harrelson would’ve sold the phone for some sweet, sweet ganja.

  3. Woody Harrelson’s dad was a hitman.

  4. The Beast Among Us

    Good Guy Woody.

    Howdy, howdy, howdy!

    Oh, sorry, wrong Woody.

  5. *sigh*
    No, that didn’t happen. Woody took that pic on his own phone for the Guardian. Find more info on their site. Glad you decided to post the pic as if it’s yours, though. I’m sure you’re proud of your story.

  6. Like I said. Fake.

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  8. If you keep making up fake stories to sound interesting, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  9. #fuckoffthehashtagsonfacebook

  10. I smoked a doobie with woody once. Love Maui.

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  12. necrophiliac64258

    Natasha, no one wants to launder your drug money for you so go die.

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