Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time for a Name Change

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  1. Mobydkman and mrpeepeeheads adopted rectal test tube baby!!
    1st bitches!!!!

  2. Antoinette J. Gonzales

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  3. Steeeever Ulysses Xavier

  4. If you keep being this anal about a childs name, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  5. Stvr.= Fisted Ass Glutton

  6. Steever’s parents obviously not had the “Birds and the Bees” talk with the lad.

  7. Fact: an aborted rectal baby is known in medical parlance as a Steeever.

  8. Stvr doesn’t have to work during the day because of his night job in the truck stop bathroom. He gets paid for the bjs, but he’s famous for finishing up with a good taint and ball licking after he swallows. Free of charge. He pays people to fist his ass and loves licking his poop of a random cock.

  9. ^ did you hear that, I Lust Steeever!!!!!!!! Find that truck stop if it’s the last thing you do (probably the only thing you’ll do)

  10. BAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM! Stever first again and he p’owns PissHead and Moldy Dick Man all in one awesome post.

    You ‘da man, playa! Rock that shit homey, ROCK THAT SHIT!

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  12. The Beast Among Us

    No, his initials will be F.A.G., not F.U.C.K. For that to happen, his name needs to be something like Finley Unger Carmine Kent.

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