Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Improvise FTW!

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  1. As a responsible parent, Shelly would know that the vacuousBarbie doll has nothing in the head to protect.
    Chest protection yes. Brain protection no

  2. Steeeever’s Mom is sooooo nice! Great in the sack too!

  3. ^ really? In my mind she’s a welfare walrus. Give us a Penthouse forum description. I’m nude in bed waiting to read it.

  4. If you keep letting your children play with Barbie, it’s your own fault if they get raped!

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  6. In other news, Lamebook’s ads for American Apparel has some pretty slutty looking girls. I’m not sure if it’s a porn site for men or a store for teens looking to navigate the possibilities of whoredom….

    It’s a clothing store.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Amen to that. Lamebook’s ads are rather racy, and it makes me nervous whenever someone walks by me in the library.

  8. Nervous enough to stop masterbaiting??

  9. Never quit masturbating…….. you may go blind.

  10. ^^^Steever wanting to know about a guy jerking off.

    Seems legit.

  11. The Beast Among Us

    Steeeever baits his master with his ass.

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  14. I do enjoy masturbating at the library. To tell the truth, is usually more fun when I get caught by hot chick in glasses. I aim for the glasses and the response is hilarious.

  15. Why didn’t the mother just pull Barbie’s head off? Problem solved.

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