Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parental Problems

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  1. Steve? Ben?… Spike

  2. jesus Tom…noone wants to see that, put it away

  3. Something tells me Tom isn’t very bright.

  4. No, Tom is very bright! So much so it hurts my eyes.

    What’s the extension cord for? The vibrator they blurred out maybe?

  5. spike… pfffft, come on,

  6. Why does Tom want a crop top tan?
    The Mum-to-be smoking a joint makes my uterus hurt. People really should have to get a licence before making babies.

  7. One of those entries where you just want to kill yourself over the hopelessness of the human race.

  8. vaginalroundhouse


  9. I wouldn’t kiss it nowadays, grandma. If he blew off it would knock your wig sideways.

  10. Loser hicks, the lot of them

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