Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mac Attack

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  1. Wow. That’s a little intense.

  2. OK Brennan, thanks for clearing that up….

  3. Mac’s get the job done then yeah? PC users are like Christians, I don’t get why you think P.Cs are better, but as long as you don’t try and shove it in my face everyday I don’t care that you’re wrong.

  4. My HP with Intel Core i5 processor, 15.6″ screen, 6 GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive was $700 including tax.

    A Mac with comparable specs STARTS at $1800.


  5. copypasta from 4chan

  6. I can afford it (only joking, I can’t)
    In all sincerity, I have used both lots and find them both good and bad in different ways, this sort of thing than Brennan is saying just annoys me though, I feel like I have to stick up for them. I’d be the same if it was the other way round probably.

  7. Gwood’s comparison is like the other comparisons I’ve seen: given a PC and a Mac with comparable hardware, the Mac is at least twice the cost. On top of which you don’t have nearly so many games, and no ability to right click.

  8. Computer debates are gay.

  9. Actually, you can right click on a Mac. Just hold the Control button, or switch to a standard mouse.

    I have to say, even though Macs are more expensive, they’re completely worth the price to me. I’m a graphic designer, and there are many, many times I have to have several huge files open at once, and I’ve never had a Mac crash on me in those circumstances. When I used PCs, even those optimized for heavy loads, I saw the BSOD All. The. Time. So, yeah, if you’re a designer, get a Mac. If you’re just using it to play Words with Friends and browse Lamebook, save your money.

  10. I prefer Windows computers, but I use a Mac at work and I can see the appeal. But, to respond to mad2physicist, I use the Apple brand mouse that came with this computer and it can right click just fine. Actually the mouse, a “Magic Mouse”, is probably the best thing about this computer.

  11. I didn’t know apple now makes mice with right buttons. But I hate having to hold the control button with a one-button mouse.

    Willowest, I’m curious, have you ever used a PC running linux for graphic design? Windows is inherently not very stable, but I never had a problem with linux. In fact my understanding is that the new Mac OS is unix-based just like linux. So if you can get the same hardware and stability for half the price, I’d think that was worth it.

  12. Noooo Coke is way better than Pepsi.

    Macs are a fricking brand.

  13. haha! What an interesting ANALogy!

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I have been forced to use Macs a couple of times, and I have to say that Brennan’s description is spot on … true story.

  15. My mouse has a tail and a tiny anus… no buttons, except for it’s little overcoat.

  16. I’ve been right-clicking on my Apple mouse for nearly 10 years. A lot of people that are still stuck on that “no right-click” thing really haven’t looked at anything else for a long time. Talk about sheep.

    The anti-Mac arguments from 20 years ago (no right-click, only for graphics, no good software available) are basically moot these days. Same with the anti-PC arguments (riddled with viruses, can’t last 20 minutes without crashing, screws up basic calculations).

    Mac OS X is a great operating system, is easy to use, is very powerful, stable, and quite secure. With the Intel processors coupled with Fusion (or even just Boot Camp), now you can pretty much run anything under the sun on a Mac. There is nothing someone can do on a PC that I can’t do on a Mac.

    Windows 7 is also an excellent operating system. It’s easy to use, very powerful, stable, and quite secure. There is no reason anymore that someone should be afraid of Windows 7. To me, it’s leaps and bounds beyond XP. There is nothing someone can do on a Mac that I can’t do on Windows 7.

    Linux is great, too, so don’t get into that “just get Linux” line. However, Linux requires a lot more tweaking than the other two big guns. I’m perfectly comfortable in the Linux world, but the general public is not. It’s like driving a manual transmission: it’s fast and efficient, fun, and you feel much more connected to the machine. However, how many people these days actually know how to drive a manual? Still, there’s nothing someone can do on a Mac or a Windows machine that I can’t do on a Linux machine.

    What’s my point? Get whatever you feel the most comfortable with, and STFU.

  17. @beatus: hear, hear! i don’t give a crap what other people use, yet “you have to get a mac”-people and “macs suck! get a pc”-people abound. why do they even care?

    imagine i really enjoyed yoplait yogurt. i wouldn’t go around to people who are eating dannon yogurt and harangue them: “oh, man, you really should’ve gone with a yoplait. yoplaits are sooooo much better. really, eating a dannon yogurt is like being raped! yeah, i know you didn’t ask for my opinion, i’m just offering it!”

  18. However, beatus, with all that being said we are left with the fact that Macs with comparable hardware cost a lot more. I also question whether they would run high-end windows games as well as a PC running them natively.

    Also, in truth linux’s driver database can be spotty especially for things like graphics cards. However, you can easily install and run linux with no more difficulty than windows if you get a user-friendly distribution like SUSE or Ubuntu.

    ‘Linux is great, too, so don’t get into that “just get Linux” line.’ Perhaps you mean to say ‘but?’

  19. Bought a 2200$ Macbook pro mid 2009. My cheap-ass-shit HP work computer for 400$ now runs faster. Also games do run worse on mac. I have bootcamp with the same game on my Win7 installation as my OSX. Lags hard on OSX, runs smoothly on Win7…

  20. New fag.

  21. These guys are just too funny, I love it!

  22. Does anyone know this Brennan guy? I think I love him. I want him as an FB friend.

    Anyone remember this gem? http://thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=macs_cant

  23. Brennan = whine

  24. Don’t care what brand I use, as long as it fucking works well….the debates are retarded. Hawk, you misspelled “win.” The debate may be retarded, but the way Brennan worded that was fucking fantastic.

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