Friday, July 22, 2011

Take Care!

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  1. Always nice to see a ‘mum’ with a sense of humor.

  2. Hahahaha!

  3. And a kid who doesn’t go spastic when mum makes a brilliant sexual comeback

  4. Bit lame re: editing… in the original post on the person’s Facebook, it was not the original poster who posted the “nice one mom” but a different person, why edit that?

  5. wandr – it wasn’t “O” who posted the reaction, for some reason that’s been edited in!

  6. Why, anon, WHY?
    I had renewed faith in the human race, but now it can all go to hell!

    Gone shooting puppies, now. See what you make me do, LB? SEE??

    (Still, mum’s great)

  7. Lamebook Fail! The kid’s name is Oliver. His profile is easy to find and open. HE did not say “nice one Mom”. Why was this edited to make us believe he did?

  8. toebee84: good call! Agreed!

  9. This was funny, too bad they had to be lame and edit it (get it? get it?)

  10. I take that back… I’m a fag.

  11. VaginalRoundhouse


  12. I definitely thought Brett was going to become the butt of this joke somehow. Why leave that in and edit out the other comments?

  13. Brett’s one sucks I agree, there were some nicer ones on the real page… Also, I choose to believe that the real poster is her married daughter, so no reason to lose faith in humanity 100% wandr. Just like, maybe 70%

  14. Original poster was quoting Cheap Trick lyrics

  15. s.p.666: Original poster was quoting lyrics from ‘The Sound of Music’

  16. @ anon + toebee84. You’re right, both Tim and Olivers’s mother use “Mum” and Oliver uses “Mom”. They wouldn’t spell it different if it was genuine.

  17. @ James G: I think Tim used “Mum” and then Oliver’s mother used it because she was basically quoting him. It might be fake, but the Mum/Mom thing is explainable.

  18. yeah, I was about to say what Michael said…. she seemed to just be quoting the guy. I don’t think the different usage of mom/mum makes it less legit

  19. I am still proud

  20. #10 wants me! Oooooooooooh, OMG OMG OMG!

  21. No, I do. WTF you insensitive prick

  22. These are all not me, I have not commented in like a week

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