Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rockin’ in the U.JOSE


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  1. Re: Count Blah #22

    What else do you expect someone to say when you ask that question? Should they brag about being awesome? “I’ve had no complaints” is just them trying to be polite, it’s not an invitation to degrade them.

  2. I think he’s just a misinformed idiot.
    You can’t break a females genitals like a banjo string (and is probably very unlikely to tear open even with the largest penis and smallest vagina (I’m talking legal ages, not like a 2yo, that might be possible)
    However a bloke can snap what is known as his ‘banjo string’ or frenulum which is the bit of skin which attaches the foreskin to the head, and it is in no way pleasent. Take my word, the blood rushes out of you very fast, and it is a bitch to heal, no to mention the pain…

  3. hmm

    i got that like every time from my ex

    i never felt good about that

    big dicks break small vags

  4. I’ve joked with my BF who has a Giant cock about him “Breaking me” after a great lovemaking session… I can’t see a girl claiming her boyfriend broke her and it being bad… I it were the case you would say “stop that, it hurts” and get him to stop…

  5. This guy ment ‘complain’ not compliment! That would make sense…

  6. you mean complaint?

  7. I’m pretty sure she meant the condom…. not her genitalia… how the hell would you ‘break’ a female’s genitals?? His status just gets stupider and stupider as I read it!

  8. This offends me as a guitarist and a lover. You don’t break a string from rocking hard, you break it from being needlessly heavy handed. Broken string = mistake. Broken vagina = careless lover.

  9. My gf has told me i “broke” her…but more in regards to a minor ph imbalance between my sexual fluids and hers. it only happens when we don’t wear a condom.

    tl;dr – it’s not you its her body chemistry.

  10. Or she could have meant her virginty >.>

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