Thursday, March 8, 2012

Corey and Kony

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  1. ColostomyExplosion

    Yeah, put posters up. I hear Kony hangs about in Sydney all the time.

  2. You know the invisible children charity keep 70% of the donations for themselves? Don’t blindly go along with something just because a video sparked some emotion in you. Look into it yourself, do your own research. Think for yourself x

  3. Because putting up posters and “Liking” all those Kony statuses will bring down a ruthless warlord who doesn’t even live in Uganda anymore…..*eye roll*

  4. and don’t blindly believe something written by MrMcCoy is accurate. 70%…you’re an idiot

  5. Is it more?

  6. In order to make this man VISIBLE, all these “stupid” things are needed. Y’all a bunch of dumb trolls/idiots… I can’t decide on which.

    PS. It’s a HELL of a lot less than 70%

  7. ColostomyExplosion

    Oh yeah, and this guy has been around for 26 years. Do you think the military don’t know what he looks like, and only now after browsing Youtube they know?

  8. KONY 2012 is a huge propaganda technique to give more money to a corrupt “charity” organization. There are way better ones that actually help the cause of Kony garbage. I have to applaud the video for making everyone feel this way though. Oh yea, Blood Diamonds anyone?

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    I agree, we have given Billions of dollars if not Trillions to Africa in aid and what has improved? It just makes someone with greed more powerful so he/she can spread his reign of terror over the land.

  10. and hairy

  11. Yt will have a have a nice list of evil whiteys to respond to this, to which I say, “Bah. This guy takes the cake.”

  12. Mario and Dreddy

    Phew. I was going to rant about how stupid the whole Kony thing is and veer off into a tangent about Africa capitalizing on white guilt and about the rampant corruption that ensures a dozen of people just like Kony are ready to take his place. I was hoping to finish with a diatribe about how US-backed or transnational intervention on the continent has historically worsened the region and actually contributed to more bloodshed. But there are some smart people here who know this, even if it’s not spelled out directly.

    If this campaign is successful in terms of funneling obscene amounts of currency (read: munitions) into the hands of the most corrupt, abusive, and repressive regimes on the planet, expect to be reading wall posts from appalled friends about massacres, genocides, uprisings, and terrorism in neighboring countries. Or maybe not, since mainstream media doesn’t care if Africans die and clearly there’s not enough interest in the Western world in Africa or this Kony thing would have been solved about a billion years ago. Ya know, when people who know what the fuck they’re talking about were already aware of him (and the fifteen guys just like him ready to take his place in Uganda, Liberia, and every unstable African nation).

    But what’s easier than doing some research? Clicking Like and bitching that others aren’t doing the same.

  13. Can’t stand this hipster shit. I cared for the Ugandan people before it was trending.

    Vandalising random cities thousands of clicks away from Uganda is very retarded. Everyone that is in the vicinity of finding him already knows what he looks like. He won’t be at Redfern train station.

    And to the spanner ^ up there, the “not for profit” passes on 31% of donations. The rest goes on salaries, travel and epic film making with cute kids and free black actors.

    Great use of social media, but pointless in terms of making a difference. KONY for prez 2012.

  14. yesh..wellll.i plaiyed the…hic…The Definitive ‘Kony 2012′ Drinking Game…and..hic…
    (google it. it’s hilarious)

  15. Whatever

  16. You know, Hawk, you don’t HAVE to comment on each post. You know, if, for instance, you didn’t have anything interesting to say…

  17. butterscotchcandy

    I don’t understand the point of putting up posters to raise awareness. I’m pretty sure every single person with access to the Internet has seen the link to the video posted at least once (or more likely one hundred times). Awareness has already happened – if people care so much they should actually do something to contribute to the cause. Write to the government or something.

  18. The poster campaign is to raise awareness (get money) out of people too stupid to use a internets.
    making people actually pay you to spam irl for you? = fucking genius if you don’t get caught. people are dumb.

  19. Shhh Bacchante, he’s a downs victim

  20. downs.victim.

  21. Shut up you whore.

  22. that’s a big word for such a little boy, crusto.
    what’s gotten you so puffed up with ill-deserved pride?

  23. I get called Little Timmy Tripod. It’s the thought of foot-fucking that really gets me puffed up. But I feel I may be considering a variation on the term.

  24. so just your usual bullshit then?

  25. What is it you say? Say something funny or fuck off?

  26. Ditto Baccante.

  27. Whatever.

  28. Yeah whoever said they ‘keep’ 70% is a spanner. I’m sure it is true that (like virtually charities), only about 30% is passed on, that is because charities have expenses. And i’m sure some of those expenses include salaries. But some of the staff work hard and work fulltime so of course they get decent salaries. While saying all that, invisible children are stupid cunts. Their efforts are well-meaning, but totally misdirected. Sending american troops to help the military of a country in which he no longer is? Some people are stupid cunts.

  29. Invisible Children are actually pretty clever.
    By pretending to be a ‘charity’ and giving 30% away, they get to avoid paying tax (which would be more than 30%).
    Other than that, they’re just like any other production company, except that they rely on abused children to make fillums/money.

  30. I wonder if had this been screenshotted on any other non-Kony-related event page if all these comments would’ve been the usual “People like Corey should have to apply for a license to use Facebook” “Lucas sounds like a condescending wank”-style rather than “my uninteresting 2 cents on Invisible Children recycled from someone’s Facebook status”.

  31. ^ Please, whatever you’re doing to the English language, just stop.

  32. Thank fuck for you, bacchante. I thought I was having ‘shroom flashbacks.

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