Thursday, March 8, 2012


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  1. Ha, why would you post that about your dad on facebook? Or think its funny? And why would the mom post that? This is either fake or they must be one of those freaky incestuous families.

  2. Evilcow: your parents had sex. Get over it.

  3. ^ Get over it? You’re saying it’s common practice for parents to discuss their sex lives publicly via Facebook? Well fuck me and my backwards parents – I thought that retaining a little dignity and modesty was a positive thing…

    You sound fucking stupid.

  4. ^ as we can see from your lovely language you turned out beautifully … kudos to your parents!

  5. Shit was I supposed to be trying to gain your approval? I sure as hell don’t need a fucking pat on the back from you. However, if I misunderstood what I am assuming is sarcasm for something much more literal, then thanks!

  6. Crusty, you’re pretty safe with the assumed sarcasm on here; it’s that little dignity and modesty you’re gonna have trouble with.

  7. mangofruitpunch

    I think Mrjason’s jealous that his parents never taught him how to swear properly.

  8. I think Mrjason’s lonely, because he has no friends.

  9. I’ll be Mrjason’s buddy.
    Mrjason, can I borrow your car?

  10. I will even let you drive! And I will keep practising the swearing.. still cant get the hang of how to pronounce F*9&$*ӣ Tӣ$

    Ps; Please be my friend Crusty

  11. Lisa doesn’t need to post about this issue in the first place… But her mother is escalating the TMI pattern by commenting about her sex life on Facebook. Either These people have no class, or they’re extremely open.

  12. *brittney

  13. *brittany. Really, bella, it’s not that difficult.

  14. well. good for you, bella7. bra-fucking-vo
    you just summarised the completely fucking obvious. top marks for reading comprehension. zero marks for situational awareness though, sugar.

  15. My sex life is public. So cram that up your buts.

  16. ^is that why you drink? to numb the shame?

  17. The “shame”? Is that what people are calling it these days?

  18. don’t pretend you never been brushed with taint of shame.

  19. ^You have a good start for a haiku there.

  20. it is sheer fucking poetry, isn’t it?

  21. No, “I like it bare-back” is the start of a good Haiku.

    MrJason has,
    a tiny, pointed penis,
    and no friends at all.

  22. ^why are
    interested in what
    MrJason has


    his legs?
    Because you <3 the cock.
    In your bottom.
    Black cock.

  23. Obviously it’s because I’m gay. What the fuck was that ^^ anyway?

  24. you’re not gay.
    you’re a self-loathing bi-curious.
    who has a thing for thick, black dick.

  25. Clearly. My fascination of them, and my inability to stop talking about thick, black dicks definitely displays my affection for them.

    Me finks you needs some new material MsAnne, you appear to have big black dick on the brain. Careful now, that shit can be debilitating.

  26. I really feel like I’ve turned a corner using bold letters and italics. It’s like I’m suddenly warranted to chat bull-shit. I now see why you use it MsAnne, it’s like a permanent erection. Fuck licenses to kill, utilise italics!

  27. ^loves the black cock.

  28. ^Shame?

  29. ^I think downs victims (crusty) must feel shame differently to ‘normals’.
    He’s certainly different in every other way.

  30. Who’s going down on the victims? Hell, I want to be a victim if they’re getting free fellatio. Where do I sign up?

  31. you know it’ll be crusty sucking you off, right?
    …and complaining bitterly the whole time about your small girth and general lack-of-blackness.

  32. You forgot to highlight blackness in bold. That’s all you’re good for you whore. Your jokes got shit. Though you’re really good at being from a long line of criminals, a descendent of British outcasts. Shit, you got the bad teeth and ( <<– see what I did there?) a fucked up reputation. Whore.

  33. give it up already.
    Why you insist on bringing a bucket of runny shit to a brain-fight, I’ll never know.

  34. HAHAHAHA A brain-fight? Is that what the intellectuals are calling it these days?

    You know when you walk in a room and there’s that guy who’s a little bit retarded. Not completely, just slightly. Little bit of dribble out of the corner of the mouth, but not gushing like a whore’s pulsating vagina when she see’s dick. No one really knows if he’s slightly retarded or just a little reserved and a touch slow. You’re not reserved, we all know that, so you must just be a little slow. Must be da ganja.

  35. ^tl;dr

  36. do you really think i care enough about your opinion to read that shit, crusto?
    (p.s. I don’t)

  37. Crusty, you know that by responding with a long description of the exact type of simpleton you consider misanthropy to be, you joined in the so called brainfight that you had previously laughed at?

  38. Damn. I’m scratching my name off the list. I was all excited, too.

  39. Which list, beatus? The fellatio donation one?

  40. If you’re donating, put me back on.

  41. Shit, buddy, it’s getting to be a pretty long list. I think you’ve lost your spot.

    But don’t worry – you’re on it.

  42. I don’t have to be first, just on the list. That’s all. I will patiently await my turn…

  43. I blame you.

  44. blah

  45. foiled again

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