Friday, December 4, 2009

Have Record Breaking Weekend


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  1. First?

  2. Omgosh!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! I was first for the very first time in my life. BIG, huge achievement for me. Everybody say yay with me 🙂

  3. Do you feel so hardcore now?

  4. Yea taki, here have a lemon John gave me. I don’t want it.

  5. @ pugged : Thanks 🙂 You’re the best.

  6. lol

  7. This whole correlation made me lol, I wont lie!

  8. Just don’t eat or use it to cook fish with.. trust me just don’t.

  9. The world record is WITHOUT lube.

    You fail.

  10. Anita, your name makes me happy.

  11. I dunno, if he was joking then it’s pretty funny, just from randomness points. Not really that lame.
    Dad’s response was, however, lame.

  12. Dad’s response was lame?? Disagree. Wholeheartedly.

  13. First of all, are people really doing the ‘first’ bullshit on Lamebook, because that’s the sort of thing that gets you on here in the first place.
    And secondly, I agree with Wilson, Dad’s response was brilliant.

  14. Finn is lame.

  15. I have a sudden urge to eat fish with lemon and chocolate drizzled on top. YUM!!! *drools on keyboard*

  16. John is hilarious!!!
    @Anitalaff: I am slightly concerned as to how you know that world record and its particulars?

  17. Yawnnnnnn, first my ass , go tell someone who care

  18. Hmmmmmmm…….i wonder what happen when life give us water melons ……….

  19. This was funny x) I liked it.

  20. #9 Aiskai

    I share your name hobby

  21. Aniskai

    I buggered up your name. How appropriate!

  22. When life gives you lemons, hit record then sit down and shut up!

  23. @Aniskai: when you use the word “correlation” in this case, what are you referring to exactly?


  25. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Unless, of course, life has forgotten to give you caster sugar and water as well, which would just be bloody typical, wouldn’t it.

  26. When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make superlemons.

  27. #24 Badger For The WIN!!

  28. The lemons that life gave to Daniel came in the form of his father’s lack of boundaries.

    Actually that was a pretty cool post for a parent on Facebook. Mostly I’m impressed that he didn’t sign it off as “Dad.”

  29. How long does it take for submissions to be looked at? I’ve submitted a few that I think are funnier than 1/3 of the ones they’ve put up and nothing…

  30. Do we think Megan ( ) got her sour vadge by attempting the female world record?

    …and people are making quite an assumption that John is Daniel’s father. Daniel could be John’s fruity father or grand-father.

  31. @Mercure: LMFAO! FTW!!!

  32. If there ever is a brand of Lemonade released from a company that has the word ‘fudge’ anywhere in it’s name, i will immediately think of this post and i shall puke while pissing myself laughing!

  33. If life gives you lemons, add them to your vodka.

  34. #32 insane

    If you puke while pissing yourself, you’re getting dangerously close to achieving the kind of success that ROOSTER POO girl has.

  35. I always have my phone on me, so i will be sure to get snap happy should i find myself in that scenario. Who knows maybe i might get an Elvis head. *squeels*

  36. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    If life gives you a lemon, sell it to someone quick

  37. When god gives you lemons, it’s time to find a new god.

  38. @D

    If life gives you melons… Well, then, you’re probably dyslexic.

  39. @37 Cox: Do you not like Lesbians?

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