Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lookout for Idiots

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  1. They should at least let them post some selfies (with duck face since that’s how Ashlee rolls) in their new striped suits from jail.

  2. In Australia, water swirls down a toilet backwards. In West Virginia, everything is backwards and everything is a toilet.

  3. The fuck is this?
    Article refers to a TRUCK stolen in WEST VIRGINIA when clearly the pictures show a CAR with the steering wheel on the right side of the car and referring to cities in AUSTRALIA.

  4. Agree with Dawn of the Dan. Plus, if you look up the two women who are mentioned in the article, it appears one (Angel) is… well, transgendered (I’m presuming male-to-female, as they have very strong masculine features), and the two women in the photos are very feminine-looking. I tried searching the Australian news, but there’s absolutely nothing.

  5. I sent this in. From Australia. They never got arrested and definitely never went to America.

  6. What a butchered post as mentioned before. Plus these ladies need to consider walking instead of driving. Fucking looks like Fiji not West Virginia.

  7. I’m gonna put a imgur link in the Facebook post with the original images if you wanna check it out.

  8. Ugliest prostitutes i ever saw.

  9. If those are tranny hookers, I know why Steever hasn’t replied yet. Someone pass him a tissue please.

  10. If you keep bragging on facebook about breaking the law, it’s your own fault if you go to prison and gets raped.

  11. I need to know. Was Ashlee Angel, or was she Nicole?

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  13. Bloody Gary the implier, I don’t know why Gary implies, just get out there and damn well say it !

  14. Article is American, picture is Australian. Two sets of fuckwits did this.

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  16. As others have mentioned, this is clearly two different stories mixed together. The pics are of a Holden Captiva, which would be considered a car in Australia, with NSW plates. The steering wheel is on the right hand side and they are talking about driving from Sefton (a suburb in Sydney) to Wollongong about 80km south of Sydney. One of the girls is called Ashlee and in the second article none of the girls are called Ashlee.
    These might have been posted as two separate articles about idiots bragging on facebook about doing illegal stuff, and not intended to be represented as the same story.

  17. Also, I thought Snookie was a stay at home mom now.

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  19. necrophiliac64258

    I was looking up wollongong in Usa for a while there. Damn you lamebook.

  20. even if this story is screwed up, the two women are real. you can find their facebook profiles in a simple search. I did. apparently they are engaged to one another..

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  22. That redhead’s duckface reminds me of Amanda Bynes’ duckface.

  23. Woolongong is in Australia. There have been no oceans in West Virginia for about 65 million years. The car has an Australian tag. And duck lipped cunts usually reside in New Jersey. So this post is all kinds of fucked up. Peace.

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