Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sid Vicious

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  1. lame.

  2. Whoa, look out! Rachel is a smart and sassy, take-no-guff modern woman! Ain’t nobody gon tell her to not say fuck. Lame. Rachel was prob the one who submit this, too.

  3. Jeez, this is shite.

  4. People who repeat the last letter of a word (like thissssss) need to be set on fire, starting with their face.

  5. …because Florida State is a world class college.

  6. hellabex, why would you start with the face? Wouldnt you want the victim to see the rest of their body burn?

  7. btw everyone go google 3 guys one hammer, i dare you

  8. That bitch knows her shit. She’s the kind og girl who use to write my papers for me. I just wish she wood use a paragraph key.

  9. I wish commentators on her lack of paragraphs would spell would correctly.

  10. Stop you’re shit, Hawkbit. If people want to use there words incorrectly, let them. Were all human. I bet you make mistakes, to.

    Fuck, that was hard. That’s what she said.

  11. i totally looked up the website. Dear God don’t do it. Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hate you, candidcamera. Of course I would look it up because you told me not to.

  13. well i did tell you. If its any consolation, i told my boyfriend to look it up without warning him and he almost died.

  14. I went to O.O

    Andddddddddddd I liberate doinggg thisssssss it addssss soooo muchhhh emphasissss!

  15. My iPhone changed loveeeeee to liberate. Fuck apple.

  16. An FSU student posted that? She must be in their honors program.

  17. Yeah stop you’re sh*t hawkbit. I know how to spell would. My spellchecjer is malfunctioned so I turned that shit off.

  18. I know….write, George? It’s totally annoying when someone corrects my grammer. I could of went to collage as an English major, but I decided to follow my dreams and become a laundry model.

  19. It was good until “One can also admit and subtle sense of lack of repercussions assumed when posting in such a place”. Something is wrong.

  20. I liked it. Good for Rachel. I just wish we could see Sid’s response. I’m guessing “whatever”.

  21. Seeing as my post is awaiting moderation

    There are times when I have thought of posting a similar response to asshats who question my language, then I realised this would make me a humungous nob-jockey, so I didn’t.

    In other news, well done America…..

  22. The moderation on here is a joke btw. “” not allowed but “fuck” is. Tsk.

  23. Haha just thought I’d check. I’m awaiting moderation yey.

  24. I have 3 comments awaiting moderation. Trust me, they were comedy gold, alas the world is a more dour place without them.

  25. Well that was my first. Because I’m a nice girl. 😉

  26. Yeah, course you are and I’m not intimately involved with farmyard animals either.

  27. anonnamus, fuck you,

  28. I sense a hint of sarcasm Paranoid. Fine, you’re right. I can’t really call myself a girl anymore. Fuck me, hitting 30 next year is no fun.

  29. #7

    If I had a hammer
    I’d hammer in the morning
    I’d hammer in the evening
    All over this land

  30. I wish Rachel were my friend.

  31. Yeah, not to be an asshole, and I’m sure FSU is a fine institution, but since when is it all hoity toity like the people there are so smart that they wouldn’t use profanity?

  32. Curly (Puffins), your halo is listing to the left a bit 😉

  33. Rachel just gave me wood.

  34. Sorry, but if you are going to overwhelm someone by indulging in intellectual overkill than it has to be PERFECT, and Rachel was far from perfect.

    She was doing okay until “which that’s what Facebook is”. What a fucking horrid piece of sentence. It was all downhill after that.

  35. Dear win7ermute,

    I enjoyed reading you insult someone about their imperfect intellectual response.

    I then read the phrase, “What a fucking horrid piece of sentence”.

    This made me lol.

    Yours forever,


  36. Gawd if you don’t recognize that the phrase was intentional, I cannot help you. I was only referring to a part of a sentence, but could not correctly refer to it as a “sentence fragment”, hence “piece of sentence” which is technically not incorrect, unless you can show me that it is ?

    Anyway, fuck off.

  37. Oh yeah I also used “than” in place of “then” which is a far worse error, all though likely a typo. You really should have picked up on that, Irony.

  38. pep, is that you? ^

  39. STOP. Hammer time.

  40. @Comments #33 Please say it x

  41. it being Puffins J. Clusterfuck the third?

  42. Ahhh it’s been so long.

  43. glad to give you your fix 😉

  44. I needed that. Just don’t go getting your dictionary out on me.

  45. I don’t mind Comments, you can whip it out- the kind that’s alcohol induced (not the other)

  46. Stop your shit, anonnamus. If people want to comment on others misspellings, they will. We are all human. I’ll bet you hate ignoramuses too. That was easy; that’s not what she said.

  47. Sigh. I’m disappointed in you, Hawkbit. Did you even notice the number of grammatical errors in my post? Continue on to #18.

  48. @ 34 win7ermute

    On one hand, I would disagree, and say that you have to consider your audience when you are doing this. If the person holds FSU students in such high regard, obviously their interaction with recipients of elite education is limited, and consequently just a semblence of formal discourse impresses her, and the author achieved her goal. On the other hand, I did find it very pretentious, and even worse, quite sophomoric. You gave it too much credit. There are multiple style issues starting with the first sentence. It only looks impressive b/c it is on facebook.

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