Monday, August 19, 2013

That’s what it’s all about

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  1. Compliment fishing gets its just deserts.

  2. Cuz this actually happened.

  3. Looks like a desert to me. Perfect place to shoot car commercials.

  4. ^ A couple of typos Zatknis, let me fix them for you:

    Looks like a nice rack to me. Perfect place to shoot a load.

  5. ^Thanks?

  6. Again, are they not doing the faceblurring thing anymore?

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  8. I sure hope the girl on the left is over 18 because those tits are sure nice

  9. Stupid bitch.

  10. @#3 looks more like a beach considering they are in bikinis?

  11. A couple of typos Randyritraj, let me fix them for you:

    Looks like Mom’s asleep so now I can jack-off with her panties to Lamebook.

  12. The gal in the green top is okay looking but that girl in the white top is so luscious looking it makes you want to take a bite.

  13. toadman, don’t be silly, one would use pornhub for that.

  14. @4: That’s what I was thinking too. Those chicks have the best tits…

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