Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Payout

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  1. Lamebook, why did you censor it?
    Me and perhaps some others wanted to try to get at dat gold coast…

  2. goodness so many people are idiots

  3. This calls for a throwback.
    Hey isn’t that neat? You can type in your account number and lamebook turns it into all x’s. See.
    Pretty nifty huh?

  4. ^^^
    It works for your social security number as well (for those U.S. citizens).

    Check it out: xxx-xx-xxxx

  5. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

  6. My God Friendzone, you’re right!! How does it know?

  7. 8763-8390-1638=2267

  8. 544-57-6439

  9. OMG

  10. LOL


  12. I don’t even know where to begin

  13. @ Dawn of The Dan: no worries…you’re using an alias : )

  14. dingoateyourbaby

    wow, that’s sad

  15. Calm the fuck down, everyone. I’m pretty sure that the OP is an Australian (because the banking app is from ANZ, and also because of the reference to the Gold Coast), and you actually can’t do shit with someone’s account details here. You’d have to also have their BSB and internet banking details or their date of birth, home address, mother’s maiden name and myriad other security questions.

  16. She’s a fool. She could be earning between $70 – $89 an hour at home on her computer.

    ….does anyone else miss the spammers?

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