Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Scary Spells

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  1. Haha how weird, someone I know had on facebook “going blowin tonight” last weekend.

    Oh and Steeeeeeevvvvvvverr!

  2. The first one reminds me of someone I talk to online. He keeps talking about how he is going to be a “writor” and that he is going to get a job in NY as an “editer”.

    He has the worst spelling of anyone I have ever met.

  3. I love hairy books. They’re so much softer than normal ones.

  4. the last time I read a good hairy book was in the sperm banks waiting room.

  5. .. there’s a ‘waiting room’? Fuck.

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    And I like a good hairy movie although current fashion seems to dictate removing most of it…

  7. mass you must have the elusive “Gold Card”, I thought that they were an urban legend….No waiting, unopened unused porn and super soft tissues.

  8. Probably good he went with the pencil…just needs to learn to keep an eraser handy.

  9. I took me a while to realize that sperm banks were not the same as normal banks.
    Apparently you can’t deposit at the ATM.

  10. Unfortunately the first one is right. If JK Rowling and S Meyer managed to do it, anybody can 🙁

  11. I should get a ‘Gold Card’ .. there were several uncomfortable people around.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to something I was drinking as “fat”.

  13. You must not swallow, then. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  14. @ mass -I’m sure there were some pretty pissed off cleaners too then.

  15. Um… Pun intended? No pun achieved. Which part was meant to be a pun?

  16. @ brillig42 – They’re going bowling. She said “gutter,” referring to one’s mind being in the gutter, or referring to gutter balls. That’s the pun.

  17. The first guy doesn’t want to exist.

  18. Mandy is clearly a whore.

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