Thursday, May 23, 2013


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  1. I can’t be the only one who thinks that posts pointing out spelling mistakes are completely over done? Who gives a flying fuck? You’re still an insignificant prick however you spell.

  2. I would bash his nuts with a baseball bat for an hour, and then go watch whatever it is he was going to watch.

  3. OP must be talking about Iron Man 3. Had to get the action in before watching an action movie… with no action.

  4. Beatus, would that mean you’re homeless?
    OP did ask for a homeless guy to do the deed…

  5. normally, homeless people get paid to do shit they don’t want to do. if i was homeless, i would gladly do that for money. i’d even do it for free.

  6. Not yet, but I’ll pretend to be for an hour.

  7. I’d rather cuddle then have sex ALWAYS works on the stupid girls.

  8. ^for hiding the fact that you’re gay?

  9. This deserves to be on lamebook. What the fuck is “IT” anyway…watching paint dry?

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