Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wrong Scope


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  1. All I can really say is, wow

  2. oh microscope, really ?

  3. she must be friends with that girl with amnesia….

  4. It must have been hard to fit all those waves under a microscope! TELESCOPE IDIOT TELESCOPE!

  5. “I can’t see anything! All I can see is a fuzzy image and my eyelash!”

  6. Hahahaha

    I wonder if she ever understood why Tyne was laughing at her.

  7. OMG YA, I’M BORD 2!111 Better look through my microscope at the stars now, bai!1


  9. honestly… how small are those waves that she needs a MICROSCOPE to acctually see them…?1

  10. i think she means stethoscope

  11. … a gyroscope?

    Never mind me, I’m bord.

  12. Jesusnfail, even if she was looking at waves…she wouldn’t be using a telescope either. If anything, maybe binoculars…


  13. Bry, you seem to have no idea what a telescope is. Ever seen a “classic looking” captain of a pirate ship looking through a tube and talking about things far away? Well, newsflash, that’s a telescope he’s looking through.

  14. Of course, you use a microscope to scope out microwaves before she goes out on her bord.

  15. I wish I had some of these people as friends on FB… I’d have oodles of comments for them.

  16. I just laughed so hard i’m crying and I can’t breathe

  17. trop mortel j’adoooooore!

  18. Take it easy on her. Caitlin is actually a giant who lives on the moon. It gets awful lonely up there.

  19. lol jimbo…priceless

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