Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to Zinger Burger


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  1. LOL, but the lamest thing about this is the typo in the explanation of why he is a 10-piece nugget. Great comment from his friend though. Also, why would you ever take this quiz?!

  2. Count it!! And 1

  3. The funniest thing about this one is that Will somehow seems confused that he’s a 10 piece McNugget, like he expected to be something else.

  4. Thank you, Aiden.

  5. Aidan*

  6. haha i cant stop laughing

  7. that was amazing.

  8. You shouldn’t blur out Aiden’s last name. The man deserves accolades.

  9. This made me rofl.

  10. hahaaahahaha classic

  11. hahahaha… i have to say, i just relized how many fish fillets i know, HAHAHA!

  12. Matt, lets not give this creative genius too much credit – a typo is when you hit the wrong key by accident. Not knowing that there are three spellings of one word in their own language shows they’re just ignorant. Or poorly educated.

  13. Aiden should’ve written that quiz, apparently.

  14. A-MAZING.

  15. So when Lame Book awards come about this guy….loads!

  16. GENIUS!!!

  17. zinnnnngggg!

  18. I love the fillet o’ fish.

  19. Roar #12: or alternatively it’s just a generalised synonym for “spelling error”.

  20. I have seen this somewhere else!! I dont know where but I have!!

  21. Princess Bananahammock

    The sad thing is he thinks its cool to be a 10-piece nugget meal.

  22. Fillet o’ Fish thing was great; also true.

  23. Aiden is a winner!

  24. # 20… look at the date 2 July 2009… Lamebook recycled it apparently.

  25. Really? This is the one that made everyone laugh?

    PS — I like Micky D’s filet-o-fish

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