Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brooke Keeps Bringin’ the Hits


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  1. This is so tragic, yet I find myself dying to know how this saga will end! Will Brooke have an abortion? Will James claim his child? Will Amanda get a DNA test? Tune in next week for all this and more!

  2. Don't feed the morons

    This should be a ghetto soap opera on the CW.

  3. Let the end begin

    How about this: Free vasectomy for Jason and free tube tying for Brooke? I support this 100%. Then they can take remedial english all over again.

  4. I enjoyed this drama. A+++++ would read again.

  5. wish the comments were expanded…

  6. I just don’t understand why these people are facebook friends.

  7. Facebook is officially the new Myspace….

  8. Facebook is officially the new Maury.

  9. My first thought was Jerry Springer.

  10. Brookes a whore.

  11. Brooke should have her own category! LOL

  12. I don’t think this conversation is actually in English.

  13. all of facebook AND all of lamebook now know jason’s biz. cuz we coo like dat.

    will someone start some sort of foundation so people like this can take remedial english? please?

  14. What I don’t understand is why these people are communicating about these horrible, tragic circumstances THROUGH FACEBOOK! Oh yeah, and next time I meet someone I don’t like, I’ll remember to call them a dead beat nothin ass pussy eatib. Because no one wants to be called an eatib.

  15. I think we all might understand what is actually going on if this was in English. But still, HILARIOUS!

  16. they just keep getting better and better…

  17. and this is where racism comes from kids!

  18. Great reality cybersex….something…im still on “kill another one” so there’s been a previous murder??!!!! and why am i still laughing…….

  19. See? This is exactly why I’m not FB friends with any black people.

  20. Thanks,#19, for clarifying the need for racism, bit narrow minded aint we?

  21. Seriously. I don’t know what all went down on this. But I have a feeling, if I did, it’d be pretty interesting.

    1. I’m assuming that was a joke.
    2. If it was, I just laughed out loud. (If not, I still laughed. But noncondoningly.)

  22. So, this Brooke is saying that Amanda (who has her name as lucky on fb? right?) is a bad parent, and yet she’s saying she’s pregnant and won’t ‘kill this one?’ who’s the good parent here?

  23. i’m fully against abortions. but please, at least after this one, both of you morons stop breeding!

  24. “im coo i got this!”

    Best part.

  25. really…those people use facebook for such matters? it is so sad

  26. It’s like Jerry Springer – Facebook Edition.

  27. “im coo i got this” Bahahahaha…

  28. Agrees with 23., ..although I think Brooke should abort herself.

  29. Come my children, Come with me to my show. Show the world your low-life situation.

  30. I’m ashamed to notice that there’s another Lamebook post where a girl talks about Jason deciding to help raise Amanda’s baby even though it isn’t his… does this mean Lamebook tried to run some sort of chav soap opera?

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