Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 10 Commandments of Facebook

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  1. I hate these fucking list ones.

  2. Cute. I will admit that I chuckled at the 9th one.

  3. 11. Thou shalt not put commandments on facebook!

  4. Oh My God. Stever didn’t say steever!

  5. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Now, I’m breaking at least 4 of these. Particularly stalking – I love stalking.

  6. 12th: Thou shalt not submit useless status updates that nobody cares about to lamebook.

  7. I bet this is how the real 10 commandments came about – a bunch of friends just shooting the shit, making jokes about how stupid the world would be if ppl were told not to steal or cheat on their husbands… Just wait, in 2000 years, ppl will actually be worshipping Rochan and his friends and their god given rules of he sacred Internet – yikes…

  8. I also like to stalk … it becomes me.

  9. Aww can’t find you mass.

  10. These ignorant facebook-worshipping Hindus break so many of the Commandments that I have no doubt they will go to hell.

    You shall not make for yourself an idol.
    Honor your father and mother.
    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.
    You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbour.

  11. Sweet, stalking your neighbor is OK..

    curly .. I’m parked outside.

  12. So I guess cursing out my parents on the phone while holding my mickey mouse sculpture in a court testifying against my neighbor for raping a girl I raped, who happened to be my neighbors wife is off limits then Walter?

  13. @Jonjones In that order? You were sloppy rape seconds?

  14. is there any other way?

  15. Many stupid commandments there, yes i will post a pop song and lyrics – my friends like them.

    Yes i like my own updates.

    Yes i may post that i’m happy or sad.

  16. And what’s stalking anyway? It’s not stalking if you look what your friends are doing. Or just anyone who has set their profiles open – that means they don’t mind if someone’s watching.

  17. @15
    Then you are clearly a fool. Also, just because someone’s windows are open doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to stare in all day. So ‘watching’ is stalking.

  18. Lol jr888 – just like the girl who leaves her bedroom curtains open just enough so that you can see her changing…

  19. Aww jonjones you beat me to the punch – we’ve been interacting so mug lately that the autocorrect on my iPod knows your name… Must be love

  20. Much*

  21. Ugh – hate pop song lyric updates.

  22. @mb, they are the worst. I have a friend who is always posting metal lyrics. Some of them are incredible, some dark and brutal. He offended a whole bunch of people with the lyrics to Rancid Amputation by Cannibal Corpse.

  23. “just because someone’s windows are open doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to stare in all day. So ‘watching’ is stalking”

    So it’s ok if you just look for a few seconds when you walk by? How many seconds/minutes is allowed?

    So how can one know how many minutes the “stalker” has been “stalking” in fb?

    And that’s a stupid analogue, a window is a different thing than your fb profile.

  24. i always feel like
    somebody’s watching me
    and i have no privacy ♫

  25. Rancid Amputation… what a great name for a song.

  26. *likes the Lord’s second batch of commandments*

  27. Shit mass, you’re a much better stalker than me. Respect.

  28. You all know what they say….Rules are there to be broken.

    Well so are necks… those little fuckwits up there better watch their backs from now on.

  29. I liked the first one. The very first one.

    Thou shalt not liketh thy own status.

    That’s all.

  30. I agree MsBuzz

    It started out like a good Lamebooker rant, but sort of died out in the complaint departement.

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