Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Reason to Celebrate

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  1. stay classy australia

  2. Ah yes, because Australian’s all say things like “HEY-GURL-THAS-A-NASTY-CASE-O-THA-HURPZ” and “Mama’s Beach Shack”

    If this is an Australian, it’s a sad sad day.

    ANZAC Day should immediately be replaced with “Pimpin’ wiz my beetches at da RSL, yo!” day

  3. oh please, stubbyholder. don’t act so surprised. ausfailure is crawling with trash like that.
    at least this one doesn’t have herpes.
    However, the test results for gonorrhea, syphilis, HEP C, AIDS, or chlamydia wont be back from the lab yet, so I still wouldn’t fuck her.

  4. She does clearly say Point Cook…

  5. classy.

  6. @Disturbed… I know, dammit… and no amount of Googling of Pt Cook in the world is going to change the fact that weez be pimpin’ wiz our beetches on Apr25. Sigh.

    Well we can all rest assured she can handle thrush like the “tuff cunt” she is. Leathery? Is that what she means?

  7. @MsAnneThrope… you wouldn’t fuck her? She sounds like a real go getta, the kinda girl who rolls her own tampons and kickstarts her own vibrator.

  8. well…maybe with Laila’s vagina.

  9. She spelled orgy wrong, why else would she throw a no herpz party? That being said, there’s nothing that gets me hard quicker than some daft cunt telling me she’s got thrush pussy. Just bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees, throw in some sausage and gravy and you get the breakfast of champions. num num num num num

  10. That would be a fair sized vibrator if you could kick start it. They’d have a vagina like a fish bowl.

  11. Skewering this down under spunk target would be like sticking your quim basher into a pot of Marmite… Yeasty.

    You either love it or hate it… I love it.

  12. tasty

  13. She also says royal women’s, which is in Melbourne.

  14. yes lots of evidence pointing to australia. as a US american it was very difficult to figure out, you know, since we don’t have maps.

  15. @Blah, a US American, eh? As opposed to?

    You do have maps. They all just say “USA” and “Insert bomb here” 🙂

  16. google “ms south carolina maps”, i’m too lazy to link it for you.

    and we haven’t bombed any new countries in a several months so i take umbrage to your comment.

  17. I take back my US American comment, and well played Blah McBlah, well played.

  18. I’m moving to Sydney.

  19. ‘Thrush?’ She’s got a bird in her privates?

  20. I actually don’t think her “US Americans” thing was that bad.
    It sounds hilarious, but if you think about it, it’s what people really SHOULD BE saying when they refer to people from the United States, since obviously the Americas include all South America, and Canada, and Mexico.

  21. Yeah, except that if you did the same thing with “Canadian Americans”, “Mexican Americans”, etc. you’d be referring to people who immigrated to America. Not that we didn’t all get what blah was saying.

  22. #20;21 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Somebody’s on the defensive. 😉

  24. somebody’s a boring fucking drone who is wasting my time.

  25. That’s because it’s hilarious watching you get all snippy. And it’s not like you’re doing anything else with it, anyways.

  26. fuck off jeffles

    hat trick!

  27. “Oooh, look at me, I posted three comments. In a row! All of them witty and oh so clever.”

  28. no you didn’t
    you’ve never done anything remotely witty or clever in your whole second-rate life.
    that is why you are following around after me, begging for table scraps like a mangy mongrel dog.

    play dead, jeffles.

  29. I was quoting you, darling. I’m so sorry you didn’t get that. I’ll try to be more direct with my insults next time.

  30. do you know what quoting means?

    [rubs hands]
    this one is going to be fun.

  31. Oh, I guess even that wasn’t direct enough. Here, let me explain it in small words for you.
    You posted “Fuck off jeffles” on three different posts of mine, and then “… hat trick!” on the third. I sarcastically commented back, pretending to quote you but intentionally putting something insulting in between the quotation marks (they’re the *two* little marks that surround a quotation. We’ll save the one little mark for another lesson). You obviously didn’t get it, so I replied that I was quoting you. Again, sarcastically. I’m sorry you didn’t understand.

    Yes, this is going to be fun. For both of us.

  32. do you know what quoting means?

  33. I like birds

  34. You already asked me that, and I told you already, but if you need it in even smaller words, have some:

    Yes. I know what it means. I intentionally misused it. Ooh, you totally caught me. Happy now?

  35. “do you know what quoting means?”

  36. I miss the days when we used to attack the statuses not each other. Make love not war 😉

  37. I miss the days when they threw the deformed newborns to the wolves.
    We’ve let the herd get too weak.

  38. Speaking of hat tricks MsAnne, when are you going to pull a rabbit out of that slutty girls thrush pussy?

  39. If that’s how she types, I would dread ever having to hear her speak.

  40. lebowski – never go to ausfailure, then.

  41. Capn – I’m not going near that smelly trench.
    Anyone who’s personal hygiene is so seriously sketchy that their vagina got so infected that it required a hospital admission…?

    She’d be too busy fighting cheesuschrist off it. With a shitty stick.

  42. I’ve contemplated going there to visit family, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

  43. You should totally visit, lebowski. Any country that bans Snoop Dogg from entry can’t be ALL bad.

    Maybe just wait til the Aussie dollar crashes again though.

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