Friday, February 4, 2011

Simply Put…

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  1. Thank you Elaine for giving me dyslexia.

  2. Conor? Is that you?

    Elaine should get a tatoo to immortalize her shhhhhitty ritn skilz

  3. I should probably have omitted the “i” in skilz… sklz is perfectly legible

  4. I’m really tired of these “married/in a relationship with your hand” status posts. How many of these do we really need? How different are all of them?

  5. wandr: whatever she does decide to get for her next tattoo, I’m sure it will be a fail in some way. People like Elaine generally suck at life.

  6. helpimalive: I totally agree. And the “right or left hand” ones are equally ‘clever’. It’s like 1987 all over again.

  7. amen helpimalive, amen…

    heather is trying waaaay to hard to be clever.

  8. Joey’s in a relationship wih your MOM!


  9. Or… sighing noise.

  10. *likes Lily Allen*

  11. When Cameron was in Egypt’s land… let my Cameron go…

  12. I like Conor.

  13. I also like Conor. And 1, that is exactly how I felt.

  14. Who the hell willingly buys a cream-coloured vehicle? A total tool brandishing totally tool-like vanity plates, that’s who.

  15. Gabby is dumb because slaves/jews did not build the pyramids.

    Can I please find Gabby’s profile and her straight?

    Evidence shows that it was the Egyptians themselves who built the pyramids. Not slaves… Unless all the Egyptians were Jewish? I don’t think so though.

  16. MzBuzzkillington, you know very well that many people believe Jewish slaves built the pyramids. It is a well-known theory. It doesn’t have to be FACTUAL to make a good JOKE.

    Your name is very apt.

  17. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
    No Im just itchy.
    Ah it mush have been the White Rash then.

  18. No that was not me. I wish it was though Wandr

  19. Uh, hello, everyone knows the pyramids were built by aliens! Joke was hilarious though, historically accurate or not. And always so polite those The Jews.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Bear in mind that the notion that the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt comes from a Jewish religious text, and is probably just justification for their claim to have been promised the land of Isreal by God.

    In fact, evidence suggests that the labourers who built the pyramids were not slaves but rather it was a form of National Service, which lasted for two years and which the participants themselves felt honoured to be chosen for. Now one can argue that National Service is a form of slavery, I suppose; but one thing is certain – they were all Egyptians, not Hebrews.

  21. Look drtriedunsuccesfullytocomeupwithagoodusername, I’ll tell you what the Jews definitely are responsible for: pornography.

  22. History lesson on Lamebook? Well, shut my mouth and paint the town red. No, JK I love learning new things

  23. It’s true. My history teacher says it’s very unlikely the Jews were ever actually enslaved in Egypt, as there’s no evidence for it outside the Torah.

  24. Egyptians can’t have built the pyramids, have you seen the fucking ridiculous way they walk?!

    Walking like that they would have still been building the pointy, oversized Jenga bastards today.

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