Friday, August 13, 2010

FANtastic Friday

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This is awesome. Let’s make this happen.

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  1. James was the best teacher i ever had

  2. Meh. Nothing much to see here.

  3. except that i was first…. maybe because no one else wanted to comment? regardless, I will still first.

  4. God damn it. The last one has been posted before. FAIL.

  5. I’ll admit it, the Matthew McConaughey one made me laugh.

  6. @briechez – I agree, that was the only one that made me chuckle. And yes, I thought I saw the last one before. LB, recycling is for plastic, glass and aluminum, not posts!

  7. Oh goody. I can wear my dalmatian costume again. If I can find it. I think it might be under my Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Hmmm.

  8. The Matthew McConaughey one brought a little sunshine into my life too. I am actually very tempted to join that group!

  9. @sideshow – look at the page, there are 86 members so far. You could be # 87 and get to wear your costume! C’mon, make Guncle’s day.

  10. THe McConaughet one cracked me up.
    The last one is an old post.

  11. I laughed at the Matthew McConaughey one.

  12. @Nicoretta… I gave in to temptation! It’s hard for me to pass up on anything MM!!

  13. I gotta say as a *old skool* Mario fan, that one amused me and the McConaughet one is brilliant…I will give a A++1 mark for creativity 🙂

    I wonder what dan fargis will pull out of his bible for this one… maybe something bout ass rape,bestiality and teacher love…

  14. Does anyone know how to trigger a response from Dan Fargis?
    Is there a special comment, when typed it put Dan in motion?

  15. If the dickhead can’t stand up by himself, I don’t care.

    That group should simply read, Matthew McConaughey can’t act.

  16. Wordy, it’s his one-dimensional nature that requires the constant propping up.

  17. Comments, you’re right, and I give props to all his co-stars. It’d be no easy task to act with what is essentially a cardboard cut-out.

    But if anyone can give me an example of great acting by MM, I’ll reconsider my opinion of him.

  18. word, I think it was that movie where he’s kind of a douchebag but he meets a pretty lady and becomes a nice person by the end in order to win her affections.

    Can’t quite recall the name.

  19. Where’s the “Matthew McConaughey has the build of a T-Rex” group? I’d join that one.

  20. @word
    I can tell you when MM acted his ass off- he was on the rosie o’donnell talk show one time…. he was flirting with her and I think even kissed the beast

  21. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that one, Hobes. That one had much more of an original plot-line than all his others. I can’t remember its name either, but I’m sure someone must know it.

  22. Miss She, so would I.

    sidney, I did not see that, but I can tell you the beast in that kissing session is MM, not Rosie.

  23. Wordpervert, try the movie Frailty. It has Bill Paxton in it, too. Good movie.

  24. I think it was called “How to Lose a Guy Suffering From Failure to Launch While Being Haunted by Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past and Looking for Fool’s Gold”. Though I did like Time to Kill.

    Incidentally, he has made some movies with long friggin’ titles.

  25. Oh Brah, I despise Bill Paxton, too, but I’ll take your word for it.

    Comments, he did do the short-titled Sahara, which is, by the way, a place I’d rather be lost in with no water, than to have to sit through a MM movie.

  26. word, how about Dazed and Confused? That’s an awesome one. Although, now I’m tapped out for good McConaughey movies.

  27. Thank you, Brah. I shall take your recommendation on board. I guess even the worst actors have something partially decent on their resume.

    Having said that, I could actually think of many who don’t, but that discussion would go on forever.

  28. apparently shirts make McConaughey tip over. Huh.

  29. dazed and confused is one of my top 5 movies ever.
    “you know what i love about high school girls? i get older and they stay the same age”

    …but he did lean a lot in that movie too…

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