Friday, August 13, 2010

Sassy Shekeshia

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  1. I don’t get why someone has to type like this. Maybe I’m just a fast typer, but it really doesn’t take that long. To me, it takes longer to mangle up words than to type them correctly. Not to mention it helps prevent my brain from exploding when reading it.

  2. I didn’t see her husband’s Farmville posts. I got bored scrolling through all the Pot Farm posts. His wall just isn’t as interesting as Shrekenashia’s.

  3. @Brah very true

    I think we need to troll this one more. Also, Daniel Fargis needs to make his proclamation of how Obama created the hood rats

  4. The best part about all this is that Shrakawhat started off with 1 stalker and now she has all of you. Hopefully some of you will add her on farmville… you can never have too many neighbours… not that I would know.

  5. DUMP TRUCK AND BALDY LOCKS… Now they are some comebacks!HOORAH! I heart Shekeshia!

  6. Oh dear god, this woman has a masters degree.

  7. Shekeisha’s birthday is list as March 11, 1976 and her year of high school graduation was ’97. She didn’t graduate until she was 20 or more likely, 21???

  8. A typical black bitch, with that name and talking like that (I can even hear her accent by the way she types). Why can’t colored people be normal?

  9. @itgirlnextdoor, don’t be so racist. by saying stuff like that, you come off just as ignorant as she does, possibly more.

  10. Is it possible that itgirlnextdoor is aiming for the same scintillating irony as D Fargus?

    It’s not working.

  11. No she is definitely racist.

  12. one word, two syllables… dayyum. simple as that

  13. tl;dr

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