Friday, May 6, 2011

R Rated Response

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  1. First!!!

  2. I think Dan is better off. Anyone that calls her self “Queen” has got to be a bit crazy.

  3. So that tent sounds nicer than some houses.

  4. Jason’s second comment wins.

  5. also, i agree with lametothemin, it DOES sound better than most houses.

  6. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    I agree with the Reverend… She sounds kinda scary, bat shit insane.
    WTF is up with the second one??? Wish we knew more of the back story.
    @lametothemin: I was thinking the same thing when I read that. I mean, it even has a porch and everything!
    But, serioously, I don’t get people like Tom. First of all, how can you be stupid enough to post a status update as a comment by mistake? Kind of hard to do if you think about it. I can sort of understand the dad who was posting his X rated Meg Ryan searches as status updates (though even that requires an impressive amount of stupidity to pull off) but this is just beyond me.
    Secondly, If you do that by mistake, there’s a lovely little “x” right next to it. Just click that and your booboo magically disappears! Is that so hard to comprehend?

  7. @ Ceci-clever name “this is not a name” funny ha ha

    I agree with everything you said. For real, facebook operstion is not that hard.

  8. …I don’t even camp and I SOOOO want that tent

  9. I agree, that tent sounds really bad ass! 200£? what’s that in USD.. $400 or so?

  10. Nice little weekend getaway with the truck you need to haul that thing and the four cars to take the dozen people coming with you… What the hell, who buys that kinda crap.

  11. @sandcat people who want orgies

  12. notthegiraffe

    @candidcamera et al, actually I have a Sony Ericsson phone and the stupid Facebook app on there makes you comment on other people’s statuses when you meant to press ‘up’ to make it create a status for yourself (and ‘like’ them with the same button you use to click ‘back’, unhelpfully). And you don’t get a ‘remove’ option on the Facebook app either, so you have to own up to being a spazmo.

  13. pterryndactyl

    sandcat, my extended family goes on a big camping trip each summer and a few of those tents come in very handy. Ours are canvas and fold up fairly small (not as small as a regular tent obviously, but if you have a regular little truck it’s easy to throw in the bed) Don’t have porches though, lol.

  14. It’s raining men, Hallejulah!

  15. Same shit, different week.

  16. Cindy you legend!

  17. Wow! Queen Monique is really pissed at Dan for eating a triple stacker bacon burger @burgerking. It must be a religious thing.

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