Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Natasha Knows

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  1. Wow Natasha… way to go out on a limb with the insults. No girls has ever said that to an ex. Every time I see that insult it makes me wonder why they were even with them.

  2. Gotta give the man credit. At least he found a bitch that knows her place, in the kitchen. Natty’s just a spiteful little whore who probably likes it up the ass. He probably made her scream like a rape victim, she’s just made ’cause she ain’t get’n that dick no more.

  3. it’s a crying shame that Natasha lost her man. he sounds like a real winner. Can’t cook and can’t fuck….

    and she stayed with him for 11 years? I bet she’s fucking huuuge.

  4. She must have been so proud of this come back to post it as her facebook status.

  5. ‘proud’…’drunk’…meh.

  6. So, 11 years into marriage and had never had an orgasm before? Interesting. Either she’s lying or she’s downright fugly and unwittingly became some closeted gay guy’s faghag. Then again, the first thing girls destined to become faghags do is learn to pleasure themselves, and that usually happens around age 13, so I’m going with liar.

  7. Ahh yes, self pleasure… I don’t think only faghags are learning about that little secret at 13. I dare say I was learning that lesson myself!

  8. Natasha. Listen guuuurl , we don’t care.

  9. How come I get the feeling that Natasha’s version of an “orgasm” is a bucket of fried chicken and a couple of boxes of chocolates?

  10. So basically we all think she’s fat

  11. no. fucking huuuge.

  12. @Maybecakes… what gave it away?

    I’m sticking to the food-gasm theory, and that her hubby wouldn’t let her deep-fry twinkies and dip them in icing.

    I’ll go out on the limb and say that the new boyfriend owns a deep-fryer…. in every room.

    “We are doing fondue tonight! And by fondue, we each have a deep-fryer, marshmallows, bacon, baconbits, baconnaise, with ice-cream with bacon syrup”

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That fat girl is lying about her ex.

  14. No, have you seen Peggy Bundy?

  15. 2 things a girl gotta be good at, cooking and sucking cock. The rest most guys can live with, even if she is fugly.

  16. ^that, turtlehead, is just so much sexist bullshit.

    I can name half a dozen things just off the top of my head that would be dealbreakers on their own;-

    1)she’s faaaaat.
    2)she insists on her mother living with you.
    3)she wont do anal
    4)she is a vacuous cunt of a person who assiduously follows the ‘latest fashions’ as if that actually meant something (apart from how obedient you are), and expects you to care as well. And fund it.
    5)her mother won’t do anal, either.
    6)you come home from the bakery and find her sucking off Marcus.

  17. ms anne, you should come to America and see all the fat chicks here. someone is giving it to them hard. since prostitution is illegal here, fat chicks will still attract kfc loving fat dudes who will tap anything that resembles a booty.

    and Natasha is most likely fat. Fat girls don’t cook as well they just eat like cows all day.

    bloody fatties.

  18. See turtlehead, I can agree with you on one point. American bitches are starting to become kitchen illiterate, this generation is fucked. I mean, my great grandmother could cook shit from scratch and now cunts these days can’t even figure out or even attempt to use a microwave without fucking something up.

  19. Holy shit, do you poor fuckers not even have licenced brothels?
    I thought solicited prostitution and housecalls were illegal, but brothels were okay, like in Australia.

  20. yeah, and, like in ausfailure, you have to be a growed-up to get in.

    see the problem?

  21. you go girl!

  22. No need for prostitution in america. If a man wants some all he has to do is drip red bull, vodka, and instant mac n cheese on his shaft at any college campus and presto!

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Instead of wasting your time commenting this mediocre facebook crap, get busy stocking up on cheese! War is coming.

  24. War – What Is It Good For?

    – cheese toasties.

  25. I also had a wife for eleven years!

    And I’d still have her too if those fucking pesky kids hadn’t let her out of her special cellar…

    Natasha is fat… you can tell by her rotund, blobby pixelation.

  26. Full belly > Giving a woman an orgasm.

  27. Natasha’s so bitter she has to post it on fb.Makes her seem like the bitter bitch that she is.

  28. America does have brothels, but only in Nevada, and some counties in New Jersey, I believe.

  29. My bad, that’s just the cast of The Jersey Shore. You can see how I’d confuse the two.

  30. Such a fucking cockfest in here

  31. All the “woo” girls like attending cockfests! Our gender wouldnt be as degraded as it has without the “woo” girls ruining it for us all. Also, thanks to porn and chick mags for the expected results. Gagging until i puke during oral and ass to mouth should DEFINITELY be the norm in bed……?!?!

  32. Men who can’t figure out how to make their own “homecooked meal” are either retarded or 4 fucking years old. Lame.

  33. The majority of the world’s best chefs are men, so anyone who says cooking is a woman’s job is a lazy twit. That said, I definitely don’t mind coming home to a nice pan of chicken enchiladas and some salad. It’s nice. Sex is better, though.

  34. I agree, beatus, though great cooking usually leads to great sex.

    On the prostitution topic, it was pointed out to me last night that in most states of the USA, it is illegal to pay for sex… UNLESS it is being filmed. Because you’re only allowed to make money from fucking if you’re a man.

  35. I had to buy a kid’s birthday pressie last week and ALL the toy cooking stuff is pink. what can that possibly mean?
    anyway, i got the kid the toy janitor trolley.

  36. It means that marketing people are assholes. All of the kids wielding Super Soakers and Nerf guns in the advertising campaigns are boys too, but they’re obviously not the only interested demographic. Girls are also quite interested in toy warfare… them and drunken 40 year old men.

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