Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Important Than…

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  1. Coltrane.

    Thought I’d change it up a bit.

  2. ^ Word. Also, I wish more ladies would give head after they’ve said their piece – dicks would be redder than a lollipop being fucked by a nun that’s masturbated with sand paper since she left the orphanage with the rest of her baby-beating, Catholic rug-munching hypocrites.

  3. she’d rather be a female dog in preference to a long-handled gardening implement? And then she wants to perform fellatio on an undisclosed number of males.

    seems pretty normal for this place.

  4. Awww, nothing better than a bitch that does my yardwork and then comes and blows me… I <3 Elaina

  5. We get it, Lamebook. Bitches be stupid.
    Enough with the then / than fuck-ups already.

  6. Idiots.

  7. She meant that

  8. Yeah, it could be that the FIRST “than” is the one she got wrong!

  9. Elania has conveniently ignored the fact that all women are both bitches and ho’s. She should listen to more Snoop.

    As for her crazy crusade against spunk gargling… methinks the bitch ho doth protest to much.

  10. maybe, cheesus.
    but maybe ‘every guy I know’ is just one guy – her dad?
    have some fucking compassion.

  11. But then that means she is getting her ultra feminist pants in a twist by refusing to service the one guy she does know?!.. Fucking lesbian Germaine Greer quim drinking dyke.

  12. cheesuschrist, you’re trying too hard.

  13. Sorry Germaine.

  14. trying is bad.
    it’s like, doing stuff is so totes uncool.

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