Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nice One!

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  1. Not this hash-key-emotion-shit again. #fuckoff

  2. #Fake. (1)

  3. is being ‘really pissed off, angry and resentful’ a mental illness, is it?
    Fucking genius, CNN.

  4. Let me guess… you were spanked as a child? Yeah, me too.

  5. My wife spanks me a lot as an adult.

  6. I know a cheerleader by the name of Sheri that must be out of her mind if this is true.

  7. No way bacchante was spanked, she/ he has the biggest heart

  8. Naaaw, thanks, maybecakes *blushes*

    But I WAS actually spanked when I was being a naughty little girl.
    My mother is super scary. She rocks.

  9. oh wow, people are spanking penises these days? OH WAIT IT’S A SEX JOKE FAIL, I GET IT.

  10. ^^^ we have a winner right here. Hey teeko come collect him. He’s about as smart as you. You should get along fine

  11. Spanking, in my mind, is an adults-only affair. If you’re going to whack a child, it’s called smacking. Just so’s there’s no confusion.

  12. so, let’s get this bitches.
    ‘spanking’ ‘smacking’ and ‘beating senseless’ are all totally different things, then?

  13. ^I should probably fix that so it makes sense.

    I will not.

  14. What is wrong with spanking? If you don’t like something, you hit it. Time to punch Texas.

  15. the woman in the pic looks like she could use a spanking

  16. Kids definitely need spanked (or “smacked,” or whatever the fuck you wanna call it). You can always pick out the ones who weren’t, and their extreme lack of respect for adults, and discipline.
    Unless they don’t deserve it, of course, then no need.

    Teeko was spanked as a child in the 50’s – but maybe a little TOO much. Daddy’s belt done come ‘cross her behind e’ery night, maw dang, I do reckon child!
    It’s pretty obvious to the trained eye. And screw off.

  17. spanking isn’t discipline.
    it’s just how we use fear, violence and intimidation to indoctinate kids into the patriarchy.
    We expect a certain amount of ‘contained’ violence in our youth (males only) so that they can be ‘men’. (And be ready for use as cannon fodder when some cunt in a coat with medals on it tells you to go and die for your motherfucking country, boy).

  18. ^ Interesting take, love, but I disagree. I think it absolutely shouldn’t be, or need to be, a regular thing. When a parent has the proper intentions in correcting and disciplining their child(ren), it’s not about violence or fear at all. It should be used as a last resort, and depending on the brevity of the situation, for the quickest response (child would be in danger if they completed their actions and will not stop when told to stop).
    But sadly, you’re probably right for a lot of parents using it the wrong way, so I have to concur with you in many cases. Kinda goes back to that having to have a license/test to become a parent.

    By the way, enjoyed the military reference there! 😉

  19. Basket case penis 😀

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