Tuesday, July 3, 2012

With Great Power…

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  1. I seriously hope he does watch The Kardashians. He’ll become a national hero. Next up….Jersey Shore.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ Indeed bitch, you are perfectly right.

  3. And then Terminator 2.

  4. ^John Connor will die! Good suggestion.

  5. I thought jersey shore and that kardashian anal leakage was possibly the same show.
    I guess they’re not?

  6. Anal leakage…mmmmmm. just like mom used to make.

    Maybe this guy will watch Oprah next.

  7. Not funny.

  8. I wonder if Drew watched ‘The Plank’ last night.

  9. No.

  10. just don’t watch three’s company…we can’t afford to lose john ritter.

  11. I wonder if Drew takes requests? I was thinking… nah, nevermind. I’m sure that one will be flagged by the supercomputers which record and store every letter we type and then use it to prosecute us so we end up secret in federal prisons… then it’s MY ass.

    ^ Also, nevermind on that. I didn’t type that.

  12. I think Drew should watch more political debates.

  13. ^ Like.

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