Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday TypOH Time!

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  1. fucck ben!

  2. and Guy, you are a dick.

  3. 2100 – military time???

  4. @2 – I agree. If Christopher is proud of his oro-genital accomplishments, who is Guy to criticise?

  5. You go from the epitome of lamebook posts (Hollister fingerbang) to this crap?

    BTW, the crab…crap one is one of the stupidest inclusions that this site has ever put up there. The “hoe number” one is a pretty ridiculous choice also. And how many “I spell something wrong AND I hate English class” posts are we gonna see?


    Ok, I’m better. Christopher just blew me and my nerves are calmed.

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that Patricia’s son doesn’t know her ‘hoe’ number, or where she lives?

  7. hootie the blowfish

    eenerbl, I figure she and the father are separated and the son hasn’t seen her in some time.

  8. @eenerbl

    I read it as sarcasm for a “I’m still alive, ya know… you COULD call…. or stop by. Here’s my number, since you obviously lost it, or else why haven’t you called?”

    In my mind, that’s the same reason she started the post with “hi son”, to remind him that they ARE related.

  9. That makes sense mcowles, better then my ‘just out of jail’ theory I was coming up with in my head.

  10. Why the hell do you all use the @ symbol here? This isn’t Twitter, ya know! The @ symbol doesn’t even do anything here!

    Quit being a bunch of douches and thinking that it does!

    Awww, I miss the @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ guy.

  11. @mcowles

    Nothing, I just wanted to @ you.

  12. @amtrak

    Make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

  13. Why use @? Because it’s a quick and easy way to show whose comment you’re replying to. I don’t personally think it “does” anything except saving some typing.

    Oh, yeah, that was @mcowles, btw… 😛

  14. On the last one, area code 209 includes Stockton & Tracy, California. If you know the Central Valley, you know that hoe is appropriate for that area code.

  15. Lisa’s post is normal. Nobody ever had crab for dinner, really? Lame attempt to make it sound ‘dirty’.

    The rest was rather funny. I love me some typohs

  16. Stephan, I don’t think you saw that she wrote “Looks like CRAP is what’s for dinner.” Crap, not crab. That’s the joke here.

    Guy was very polite about the error, that was nice of him.

  17. Three things.

    1. Guy is the nicest guy you guys have ever featured. Not only did he NOT make a shit joke out of one spelling mistake, he all but apologized for pointing the mistake out, for fear of looking mean.

    2. TypOHs SUCK, Lamebook. They’re the Devil’s Lamebook post. Seriously, how many times have I said this? Okay, if someone is moaning about school being useless or bragging about being smart, and genuinely don’t know how to spell a word… well that’s funny FIRST TIME. Seven hundredth time? Not so.
    And if somebody MIS-TYPES, SKIPS A LETTER, ADDS A DIFFERENT ONE, etc. that is NOT a joke. It is an everyday occurance 😐 Everyday occurances are not funny.

    3. Patricia’s makes me sad 🙁

  18. @mcowles
    It is generally not a good idea to insult people for doing something that you are guilty of as well. It makes you look like a jerk and your insult pointless. You obviously know what @ was meant to be used for, and if you didn’t then your even more of an idiot for insulting people.

  19. I’m curious about what @ means on Twitter…I have an account but I never bothered to use it.

  20. @mcowles, get a life

  21. Wait, you guys took mcowles seriously? I figured he was kidding around…

    slippy, on Twitter if you put @ before someone’s name I think it puts your Twit or… Twat or whatever it is on their page. Like a wall post on Facebook.
    Fuck it, I don’t know. I’m too old for this shit.

  22. Thanks Hobo, I figured from Mccowles comment he had another meaning.

    Incidentally, I think Mccowles was having having some kind of melt down about the @ symbol. He already told us he’s in a shit eating mood today.

  23. @Aard and M S

    I forgot that there are still “new” people here. A few months back a user named “@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@” posted nonstop about the use of @’s and made fun of people non-stop. I was just referencing him.

    I obviously use them a lot (look at any topic that I’ve posted on, on here). So either I’m the biggest idiot in the world, or I was joking. It hurts to see so many people jumping to the first conclusion.

  24. @slippy and hobo

    I should’ve refreshed before being all sad that everyone thought I was an idiot. Ok, 2 for 4 isn’t too bad. My mom thinks I’m smart, so that’s 3.

  25. krasivaya_devushka

    “Twit or Twat”
    BritishHobo, you make me lol 🙂

  26. @mcowles
    🙁 I apologize wholeheartedly then, I am really new to lamebook so I did not get the reference 🙂 I hope you accept my apology.

  27. i usually find the typos one lame, but rape flavor actually made me laugh.

  28. @Aard

    I guess I shouldn’t assume that everyone else here has been looking at this site for the last 6 months, like I have. I feel like a Brontosaurus, now. :(.

    I retract the original joke and accept your apology with an open heart and an empty stomach.

  29. Really? No one has said this yet? Ok…

    It looks like James is getting grrrraped in the mouth! (but he was totally asking for it! He was probably wearing purple!)

  30. yourinevitabledemise

    Someone needs a rape flavored lollipop, with that empty stomach. 😀 Man that one actually got a giggle out of me.

    I think that’s why lamebook regurgitates posts like this though. There are new people all the time, ready to see the Tuesday Typeohs with a fresh eye. I don’t think they expected a bunch of losers to just keep logging on. I’m including myself in that category so don’t jump down my throat!!! I’ve become a little fond of reading some certain people’s comments though.

  31. lol

  32. I wouldn’t mind somebody putting their “twit or twat” on me right now..@ anybody with nice “twits and twat”

  33. PeanutButtercup

    The first one has no typos, its just people who can’t/wont spell properly.
    In saying that, I prefer to read them as they are, and not believe they are typos at all 🙂

  34. I found them all funny except for the first one. I like me funny typos 🙂

  35. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    James did it on purpose.

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