Friday, February 12, 2010

Pertrice the Piece

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  1. Her tits look like the Lara Croft video game; too big, weirdly square-shaped, and resembling one solid mass rather than two separate entities.

  2. Wow, she is just like J-LO (Jennifer Lopez).. she got the fat ass and the bad attitude.

  3. GrammaticalErrors

    @soup, #12….. LMAO it’s so true, all those groups telling huge bitches they are beautiful because you can have a heart attack any time you want. lol

  4. Kizzle made me laugh so very much! “She ate her Valentine!” Not a candy one, the ACTUAL dude!!!

  5. I’d hit it.

    Just sayin..

  6. The fact that she called herself “tasty” does make me want to throw up a little.

  7. With a baseball bat I hope, EchoWhiskey.

  8. That’s like, one of the ugliest pair of titties I have ever seen! 😐

  9. matteo idk man she might try to eat you instead of trying to fuck you

  10. Fat ignorant girls need love too.

  11. Maybe the name on her image is her Xbox Live gamer tag, and she’s a spy from FaZe.

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