Thursday, August 13, 2009

Andres’ Short Bus


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  1. Barf.

    I’m thankful these are not my friends.

  2. Who are these people, Ancient Greek wrestlers?

  3. Are they talking about sex or community college?

  4. I’ll bet that she’s a fat cow with a wizard’s sleeve and he’s three inches of thunder (a bang that lasts a split second).

  5. Haven’t these people heard of texting?

  6. OK, this was fun while it lasted. I can no longer take the your/you’re and its/it’s and im/I’m, or the racist, ignorant lesser-evolutionary scale-mammal grunts anymore. Lamebook just defeated me. I feel like I’m frying neurons just reading these posts. And I need those neurons so I can properly lay them to waste via over-drinking. This is kinda totally debasing. Someone, please kindly write something fun, and spelled correctly, to shore up my faith in humanity. Thx.

  7. ohhhhhh gross.

    lol @ truff.

  8. The wheelchair will be necessary because spending anytime with Andres instantly gives you multiple sclerosis.

  9. Was sarcastic meow being totally sarcastic when he typed ‘Thx’ at the end of his rant?

  10. @Thx #19 “He” is a she, and the answer is: YES. Always.

  11. I don’t get any of this conversation.

  12. I feel as though I’m watching a transcription of a Snoop Dogg track.

  13. I think when she says quit, she means she asks him to quit boning her because hes so bad she cant orgasm. but she doesnt want to embarass him about it. hence the “i want to still have your manhood” however, if she was really concerned about maintaining his dignity she wouldnt have said anything about his awful love making skills on FACEBOOK

  14. Charlie, you totally forgot the awkwardly long evil laugh.
    Clearly, she is some sort of villain, but the villain that all the other villains make fun of.

  15. @Charlie, I agree.
    & it was correctly filed too, douchebagettes & TMI.
    people think they can post whatever they like on FB. When really no one gives a shit & status’s/wall comments such as these are slightly disturbing.

  16. …did Andres just refer to his dick as “the bus”?

  17. Oh wait, clearly I would have figured that out ahead of time if I’d bothered to read the title of this post.

  18. Damn I gotta start reading these the right way up

  19. …the bus sounds so wrong. I keep picturing a bright yellow Magic School Bus.

  20. I just don’t understand what’s going on here. Is it suddenly OK to talk about your sex-life in a public forum?

  21. Andres has a bus for a penis. It can’t go fast, when others see it they get angry, and there’s always gets on board?

  22. kids on board*

  23. Please use birth control… both of you… at least two forms each.

  24. unacceptable

  25. AhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhahAhA. thats just hillllllariousss

  26. I agree, commenter #23 (Tara T) — heaven forbid these two “winners” start reproducing. BTW, I believe using the “short bus” in reference to them is completely unfair to the special ed kids who are probably comparative geniuses.

  27. @sarcastic meow: To go along with Thx’s comment, what about “kinda totally debasing”. Contradictory much?

  28. Debase me! HARDER!

  29. If you’re looking to “shore up” your faith in humanity, I suggest a website other than Lamebook. (Preferably one far, far away)

    Who’s this Rob perv who “likes” this conversation? Maybe he doesn’t like Andres’s current dick.

  30. err, yeah:)
    guess they like it the hardway.
    hope theyre not gonna end up in my hospital though…

  31. @ 29: No kidding – he must’ve had a hanky-and-lotion moment when he read it.

  32. UH…..ew.

  33. …………….. sounds like a threat 😐

  34. *vomits*

  35. is it just me or is that last thing: “you’re gonna need a wheelchair to get out of my house” seem kind of creepy like ‘I’ll break your legs’ or something

  36. That Rob sure seems like a positive guy…maybe I should get his number..or find out where he lives and hop on a BUS.

  37. Talk is cheap M…..

  38. I don’t care. I think they are the cutest facebook couple. I want to have crazyass conversations about ruining my lovers’ pelvis after some impending night.
    PS nigga y gonna need a new dick after I’m done wit u tomorrow night!

  39. Ouch.

  40. You gonna need 5 new holes by the time im done with chu


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