Thursday, August 13, 2009



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  1. Is this status update FUH REAL? FUH REAL? UGH.

  2. Yeah, FUH REAL

  3. gaytan (gay satan)

    hey silly britches. welcome to gay hell ya’ll.

  4. If she’s the last sane person on this earth then god help us all…

  5. I’ll have to try that line sometime.

    Me: Hey girl can I tap that?
    Her: Nah, d00d I’m seeing another d00d
    Me: ORLY? Didn’t you know it’s not cheating if I wear a condom?
    Her: Okay then big boy let’s bump uglies.

  6. For Real was too much effort to type.

  7. Am I missing something? I see the “gay hell” and “FUH REAL” fails, but it’s not like she’s saying that she let some guy bang her because he said it wasn’t cheating if he wore a condom. More likely, her boyfriend banged another chick, and when she found out about it, he said it wasn’t cheating because he wore a condom. Right?

    Also, this would all be avoided if all girls involved had been in the damn kitchen making sandwiches.

  8. Fixed it for you:

    Also, this would all be avoided if all boys involved had been in the damn kitchen making sandwiches.

  9. nah bitches be makin de samwitches

  10. oops… sandwitches

  11. Sandwitches – sounds like an awful Halloween costume.

  12. It’s not cheating if he wears a condom AND it’s anal. Moron.

  13. I imagine the gay hell looks pretty much like this.

  14. I love Boz

  15. i kind of like her! she’s spunky. the FUH REALs at the end were a little excessive, but hey. she sounds upset. english is allowed to slip a little when you’re upset, right?


  16. Fuck, now I’m just really, really curious about this “gay hell”. It also makes me wonder if hell is segregated by race and gender too.

  17. Uhm makes a great point.

    Also, I think that by cheating, she means “cheating his partner out of a pregnancy”. She’s obviously pissed off because he prevented a birth. Thus, the other partner is in “gay hell”, as she is not the mother of a child.

  18. This is about somebody else, not herself. The only person I can imagine submitting it is the idiot who took back their cheating boyfriend because he said it wasn’t cheating, since he used a condom.

  19. @Potato Head ahaa! brilliant.
    @Joshua,I’m glad someone else noticed that besides me.

  20. It’s not classy, but hellz yes.

    This isn’t lame!

  21. Hey, this doesn’t strike me as all that lame. I like her. She’s mad.

  22. uhmm. she’s probably a fag hag, complaining about her stupid fag.

  23. Makes me wonder, what exactly is gay hell? Hell for gays? Or just racist hell?

    …oh what the eff, anybody racist is going to hell.

  24. well, gay hell can’t be any worse than this place…

    and, yet again, ANOTHER Stephanie on this site!

    if i end up going to gay hell, i hope there aren’t any stephanie’s there too.

  25. She’s pissed off, that doesn’t make her lame.

  26. Gay hell always reminds me of the South Park movie with Saddam Hussein and Satan bumpin’ nalgas.

  27. when I go to hell, I hope that there’s a gaytan.

  28. me too RayonX,me too.

  29. I love that I have an “All Gay Cruises” ad on my sidebar right now. Is Europe gay hell?

  30. HILARE!

  31. @Saf Ya….I loved Boz first,……FUH REAL!!

  32. gay hell is where all flamers are from!

  33. I think maybe the FUH REALs were imitating someone.

  34. It’s still cheating no matter what. Dorks.

  35. Boz pwned you all on this one… but this thread of comments is far funnier than Stephanie’s cheating Bf… hopefully ex-bf…

    Gay hell is Bravo…

  36. “Gay hell?” What is that?

  37. “Gay Hell”= a place where there are naked men everywhere, with no mouths, hands or buttholes.

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