Monday, January 24, 2011

What’s the Status?

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  1. Ben!

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. I’m similar to Jonathan in that sometimes I wonder how to work two inch fingernails up and down my touch calibrated taco bell.

    I’d love to fuck Sarah Palin….. with a pool ball in a sock.. about her head and shoulders…and then with my cock.

  4. its a sandwhich artist! at subway

  5. cheapest delivery from Europe to India = BHS (Bung Hole Service)

    someone who workers at subway = subwaitress

  6. They had to pick the shortest month, because the news media just ca’t shut the fuck up about Sarah Palin. I don’t even support her in any way, but the bullshit way that every fucking slip-up she makes is reported on by every single paper is just fucking tiresome. It’s the political equivalent of that fucking cretin you know who keeps sending you ‘funny jokes’ about the latest thing Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber has done.


  7. Not that I like her, of course.

  8. Well, at last Tej knows that it’s one of the 23 who liked it that submitted it to Lamebook.

  9. Adam, for the win

  10. Again with the women make sandwiches joke? Seriously? I guess lamebook is really living up to its name.

  11. People who work at Subway are “sandwich artists” – if she worked there she should know that! It’s written on the uniform.

  12. I’m so goddamned tired of the Sarah Palin news. I live in quite a liberal area, and the impression I get is that people are simply TERRIFIED of the possibility of her running for, and winning, public office. Thus, continuous bashing.

    She’s not in political position, the AZ shooter the media and lefties immediately tried to blame on Palin was actually radically anti-righty, and she does not have magic powers or mind control, as one might suspect from recent coverage.

    It’s sooooo stylish to bash Bushie and Palin (remember the movie about him being assassinated?), but I dare you to utter a single syllable of disagreement with Obama.

    That shit belongs on LB, simply because it’s another example of “LOOK AT BRAVE ‘OL ME NOT DRAWING ATTENTION TO THIS THING I’M NOT IN SUPPORT OF!” Bandwagon fuckers.

  13. ^Someone is a little too upset to be on lamebook. And people say shit about Obama all the time, so I’m not sure where you are coming from.

  14. Hmm…. touched a nerve there I think.

    Om mani padme hum….. Om mani padme hum.

  15. i hear obama makes horribly smelly shits.

  16. All *I* EVER see is people bashing Obama. Justsaiyan.

  17. grammer nazi ahoy.

    i also heard obama corrects peoples’ grammer and spelling as well

  18. i touched Miss Shergas’ nerve once.

  19. someone who workers at subway.

    workers there… I laughed, oh I laughed.

  20. sounds like jonathan is smart enough to know better than to be eating at taco bell… throwing stones/glass houses and all that…

  21. God I hate you buzzkillington.

  22. hate her more than mattymc???

  23. I heard Conor makes horribly annoying jokes. Who did I hear that from again? Oh yeah, it was Conor.

  24. Why is the American media so obsessed with a failed political candidate? They even gave her her own reality series…

  25. If you hate me, it means I am doing my job right.

    But seriously… why the hate?

  26. I think jonejones is also about 13 years old, or maybe 93 years old

  27. because you’re a buzzkill. Interesting theory hawkbit, expand on that.

  28. Grammar*

  29. That was to Conor by the way everyone.

  30. BHS! That’s rude, crude and socially unaccectable!

  31. *Unacceptable. I sure do wish that I had an autocorrect phone : / stupid android that I can’t figure out.

  32. @Stingray – you have had me giggling all night!

  33. @rawnuh – Because smart people couldn’t possibly enjoy “bad” food?

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