Friday, June 4, 2010

FANtastic Friday

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  1. Folk er idioter

    The USA has so many immigrants that one way or the other, you should embrace Spanish and learn it if you have the possibility. But then again, I speak Danish, English, German and Spanish, so I might be biased 🙂

  2. Actually, in most European and quite a few Asian countries most people are at least bilingual. English is taught as a second or even third language in Scandinavia and most of the northern European countries. Why would it be more difficult for an American to learn a second language than everyone else in the world?

    Could you imagine living in a world where people couldn’t be arsed to learn how to communicate with each other? Dominant language.. Come on… We live in a global community now. Enough with the whining about foreigners.

    “Folk er idioter”.. Jeg kunne ikke være mere enig.

  3. I’m from Belgium and we have 3 language area’s: Dutch, French and German
    We learn all of these at school plus English! A lot of people also study Latin and Greek in school, but that is optional.
    If we can do it, so can America, they just have to put in the effort!
    The younger you start the easier it is.

  4. @GoldenAngel dude get over yourself, the reason you have to learn 4 languages is because you don’t have a language unique to your stupid country, Belgium is one of the most boring places in the world, outside of Brussels you can’t even order dinner at a restaurant after 9 pm, you’re a 3rd world European country comprised of land that the French, Germans and Scandinavians didn’t want, and the only reason any citizen of the world would know about you is because you have great chocolate and 2 decent beers. Sorry to break it to you but you suck!!! The earlier you realize it, the better.

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