Thursday, February 18, 2010

More BADvertisements

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  1. first!

  2. “Find out what your baby will look like without the mess”? Am I the only person who is wondering how you make a baby without losing your “mess”?

  3. Does the eye-patch girl only appear in adverts when your Facebook language is set to “Pirate”?

  4. The mess is the fun part!!!

  5. Ben, Ben… is that really you?!

  6. I don’t think any of these are funny…

  7. @ Lady Katara – you’re right. I just wasted 5.6 secs of my already lame life, reading that shit

  8. I dont know about beating her but I’d hit that

  9. @danieltunnard: nope. I was wondering about the mess as well.

  10. I realise this outs me as incredibly immature, but the KnuttSak one gave me the giggles 🙂

  11. Heh. Vaguely funny.

  12. oh crap…I just tried to post a response but I think it might have gotten rejected because I put a youtube link in it.

    Anyways, the knuttsak shorts reminded me of an ad for a line of jeans made by a company that specializes in work wear for men..stuff like heavy duty pants and anti-plumbers butt shirts. They have this line of jeans called “ballroom jeans”. you can find the ad for it on youtube.

  13. They all made me giggle.

  14. I just enjoy the fact that it has “knuttsack waistband”… whose knutts are that high anyway?

  15. I love the eye patch.

  16. I love that baby. He is so cute.

  17. those ballroom jeans that els9874 mentioned…why did i spend a good 10 minutes wondering what they had to do with some upper-class dance? and being a guy, thats just embarassing…

  18. I don’t get what’s notable about “Make a Love Child” or “Find Local College ‘Girls'”, but “Bored in School” is horrifying.

  19. The eyepatch is kinda weird but I don’t see what the joke is for the love child or beat her one ( well I guess I can kinda see the ‘beat her’ joke, but it’s not funny)

  20. That is one creepy baby!

    Knuttsak FTW!

  21. @1 Hey Ben, are you the same Ben as the Ben who was posting in “Quick and a Little Sick”? Because that Ben called out pradapersia’s ‘first’, and I quote, “Ben February 18th, 2010 at 9:58 am ‘oh and @1 – you tool douchebag twat'”. I hope that you aren’t the same Ben, Ben, because that might just make you, Ben, and I quote, a… “tool douchebag twat”. Ben.

  22. You know LB, you aren’t doing any better with those sex tips and bacon wallet adds.

  23. insert clever name here

    @Desolation – Good point but I have to admit, I kinda like the “push button, receive bacon” t-shirt.

  24. @insert: Where is this button you speak of?

  25. insert clever name here

    It’s a t-shirt from a ad that shows up on the comments pages from time to time.

  26. @ Hobbs….LOL.
    And I think someone gave that baby too much caffiene.

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