Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick and a Little Sick

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  1. first!

  2. Ccimone’s made me laugh and cry. With friends like Beau and Kristen…

  3. #1 – eeeeeeew
    #2 – stupid (and has she even abbreviated “in” to “N” in her RIP?)
    #3 – weird and sad, but mostly weird
    #4 – meh
    #5 – Go Rebecca! I bet she’s an hilarious drinking buddy!

  4. Pradapersia, so THAT is what the “1.” beside your name means? Ahhhh, it’s all so clear to me now. Lameass.

  5. Bucky, you rule!

  6. first !

    Ah no wait , i am not the first poster on this topic , what a shame.

    Have i read the topic ? yes
    am i spoiling my day updating lamebook every 5 seconds ? No

    mmm that might explain why i am never first

  7. Beau made me LOL. I hate cats- hahahaha!

  8. I really want to know more of Lisa’s story. How much is too much? How much did she charge per “load”? Did the asphalt in the alley behind the truck stop scrape up her knees, or was she wearing long pants? Did she earn enough to pay the rent on her trailer, or is she going to have to set up shop in the handicapped stall in the men’s room later? Would downing a bottle of Pepto beforehand help, or should she just spit occasionally? Does she charge extra for swallowing? What color was it when she hurled all over the back seat of the 1986 Trans Am she got a ride home in? Did she have to let the driver use her “rear entrance” to make up for messing up his car, or was he satisfied with the BJ she originally agreed to for the ride? How much scotch did she have to drink to get the taste of semen and shame out of her mouth?

    So many questions…

  9. I might just be wantin’ a bagel with my coffee.

  10. ^^^ You said it better. ^^^ But I have questions too…

    1 – How much do you got to swallow to get sick?

    2 – Why did both your fish die?

    3 – Why did you fuck him if that’s an apt description?

    4 – What makes you think Jesus likes cats?

    5 – What’s your number?

  11. @Sensible Madness, you sound like you’ve been in that situation a few times too many, you know far too much about it…

  12. Whoa Lisa!

    Rebbecca reminds me of myself, circa 2002. Only I knew where my shoes were, I think.

  13. beau…lmao 🙂

  14. Special Agent Paul Smecker—-I think I love you!! Pradapersia should be serial-crushed by some huge friggin’ guys!!

  15. I love the James Taylor lyrics. Not sure how he feels about cats though.

    I’m going to keep an eye out for Rebecca on Intervention.

  16. Kettia’s poor fish is dead, but as she said it’s most likely in a better plaice.

    badum da

  17. oh and @1 – you tool douchebag twat

  18. I think he was mostly satisfied with the bj. Considering he was one of those big-you-think-they’re-a-teddy-bear-but-they’re-pedophiles-who-try-to-get-pussy-from-seducing-teenagers-on-WoW types, he was definitely satisfied. As per all the other questions, you’re just as lost as me. Except, maybe her barf was clear, due to the extremely intoxicating amount of vodka, with bits of partially digested hard-boiled egg.

  19. 2) “We gather here today to celebrate the life of Lilo and Stitch, they were good fish, always stayed in their tank. They swam like they were meant for the water. Two fish, that always kept their tank clean and complained not about the oxygen level nor the pH. They ate their food with ne’er a moan. We condemn these hearty soles now, to the afterlife, in the name of Poseidon, Neptune, and The Little Mermaid, rest well my friends. Amen.” (toilet flushes)

  20. damn. *souls

  21. Oh, and I almost forgot the semen. 🙁

  22. LMAO to nashntth’s comment… great job!

  23. Nash… they will rest happily now. All because of your sweet words. You are a great friend. Swim, swim, little fishies! In heaven your bowl will be the size of the artic ocean, but warmer! Swim, swim!

  24. I’m guessing #2 is supposed to be funny because she appears to be in genuine grief over gold fish, and gold fish don’t count. Oh how very droll.

  25. im pretty shure marie doesnt like her baby´s dad!

  26. Kelly’s made me laugh.
    But I’m confused, unless Rebecca’s is a joke. Who posts such a self-pitying post about needing to give up drinking, then comments that on the same post?

  27. @ nashntth: I thought the soles thing was an intentional pun, what with sole being a type of fish.

  28. Based on Marie’s criteria for a sexual partner, I think she’d be down for a little of the Ol’ Soup Syndrome.

  29. I bet Lilo and Stich are her Facebook fish, from that Aquarium game, and not real fish. I still think nash’s eulogy rules, regardless.

  30. Wow I love nashntth’s eulogy! Amazing! =-)

  31. Good advice Lisa, moderation is key.

  32. @#25, i’m pretty “shure” you spelled “sure” wrong.

  33. @knobjockey: You just reminded me of Kip Addotta’s “Wet Dream”.

  34. @22, 23, 30: Thanks.

  35. What the fuck is Kettia trying to say! I need a translator!

  36. Kettia translated – I’m a fucking loser

  37. Kirsten’s comment followed by rebecca’s response had me laughing my ass off.

  38. Ahh, such lovely comments on this entry. Bravo, Nash and Sensible Madness.

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