Friday, January 22, 2010

The Twilight Saga: It Continues…

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  1. im sad. lamebook just doesnt seem funny anymore. and @ mveeds. no one laughing at your siser, its just the posts. dont be so sensitive.

  2. @ Richard- the tat on his left arm probably reads ‘R.L. Stein’

  3. Woah, Lamebook added the Twilight poster to that whigger’s photo to make him seem like more of a lame twat. Why Lamebook, why!?

  4. I’m disappointed, that post was lame enough (at least the 1st half was) without changing it. Sigh. I don’t know know what to believe in anymore

  5. LOL at how mad BritishHobo got over Twilight.

  6. Signed in to cheer on BritishHobo. =)

  7. BritishHobo – instead of venting your anger in the comments, you should just … fuck your anger out.

  8. @Zoobert – or he could fly around to fight it the fuck out. That would be amazingg.

  9. # 103. DaysWithDave

    Maybe in the original photo it was a poster for High School Musical 3.

  10. I remember when I was an angsty pent up passive aggressive teenager with underlying pubescent sexual vampire fantasies.

    I wanked it out and moved on. I now stick posters of Frankenstein up on my wall and dream of him not touching me. Much more mature.

  11. Oh my fucking God. Someone’s being rude about mveeds’ sister on the internet. He doesn’t care and this site’s dumb, but instead of ignoring it and moving on, he’s going to post to defend her. For real. I mean, it’s not like it really matters.

    She’s still a filthy, syphilis infested, smack addicted prostitute. And she’s fat.

    Get a life, go read a book or something productive.

  12. @mveeds – nice job with MS Paint – your such a gimp actually defending this shit, that’s far more lame.

  13. In some circles the expression “people bashing on her” would warrant a “that’s what she said”

  14. LMAO @Darren – but hey, I am just excited the youth of today is reading SOMETHING without being forced via teacher’s assignment to do so.

    *snort* @Richard, you look very tough and scary. NOT

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  16. If Jacob wasn’t only like sixteen I’d think he was hot. As it stands, twilight was enjoyable enough but doesn’t compare to any real literature. Mveeds. Get the fuck over it man, no one knows her and didn’t say anything to her directly so it’s clearly not a personal attack.

    Hey Richard, I get it brohemoth, you’re trying to look tough and sexy as well as brooding, romantic and sensitive underneath. Shame you failed 😀

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