Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Touchy Subjects



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  1. Come on Heather, how did you think that would sound? Duh.

  2. I like Zombie kid.

  3. First one is totally uninteresting and poor.

    Heather should’ve just let it be. We’d have fun comments to discuss now. Instead, she just had to be a retarted douche…

  4. @heather, that’s what hitler said…

  5. Mmmmmm…. Jewish cookies…. *drools*. Taste like sweet persecution with a hint of vanilla!

  6. Mmm, with lots of gold fillings… 🙂 Boy, I want a Jew bake so bad now!

  7. While I usually believe the Anti Defamation League to be a little too pro-active, if they happen to have an ex Mossad hit-man available to deal with Heather, we’d all be better off without her . . .

  8. @Svetlana: Hello Darr! It’s been too long! Hows you?

  9. @ Insane *winks while suggestively drawing her index finger all along his arm till under his chin* Good and you love? Just been busy trolling for a good douche to catch… You?

  10. lostintranslation

    @makster Surely you mean ‘retarted doosh’?

  11. @Svetlana: *reciprocates Svetlana’s affection with a suggestive smile* Good thanks, apart from the summer flu. Now I’m feeling better I’m here doing the same thing as you :D. The hook is baited, the line is in the water, so now we wait.

  12. @ Insane – *blows kiss* whereabouts in the world are you? It’s summer here too.

  13. The kisses are appreciated as I immediately feel a little better. Thank you :D. I’m in Australia. On the coast of Queensland where we are get an average of 30 degree Celsius temperatures in summer. I blame the Christmas shopping and not sleeping afterwards, but you know. How is the temperature in Africa dear?

  14. The weather is gorgeous here. We have days of about 28 – 32 degrees Celsius, and clear blue skies.

    I hate Christmas shopping. I’d rather eat shit.

  15. @ Svetlana: LOL! Thats pretty much my feelings about christmas shopping. Im shocked I didnt kill someone last time I was out. I figure if I murder one it will warn the rest of the herd to stay away. My husband wouldnt let me though. Something about being a grinch or jail time I wasnt really listening. He said to just run the shopping cart into a few brittle old lady ankles. That would be sufficient warning.

  16. That sounds awesome! No home sickness symptoms for Insane when he gets to Africa :).
    Thank fuck Christmas only happens once a year! You know how you see people putting Christmas lay-bys on in February and you think “You’re such a loser! Christmas is fucking ages away!!”. Well I believe it may be time for Insane to get off of his high horse and do as they do. Means less time in those germ infected death-traps called shopping centres. But yes, Eating shit is much more of a delight than Christmas shopping. I would eat 2 Kilograms of Doggy chalk if it got me out of going again next year.

  17. @Svetlana, Insane, Me:

    You’re a bunch of shopping noobs. You’re clearly doing it wrong if Christmas shopping causes you so much stress.

    Either that or you’re jews. In that case you should go round to Heather’s for a “bake”.

  18. @ Makster: You must medicate before you go. Cause a aimless, shuffling crowd of sheeples makes my blood boil. And its not just christmas shopping either. I hate people all year round.

  19. I hate shopping full stop, let alone at christmas. Luckily, like all on here, I have access to the internet. My christmas shopping was done on the 30th November and wrapped as and when they turned up. Work round the problem, ‘sides, internet shopping tends to be cheaper

  20. Why the hell are you fucks having a conversation here?

  21. I know I’m not in this conversation but where do you suggest they have a conversation iyaa? Lamebook chat?

  22. @iyaa: No Jew cookies for you grumpy pants.

  23. What a horrible parent.

  24. Why does Heather feel the need to point out that one of her friends is Jewish? Is she just saying that so her Christian friends won’t ask why her house smells like onion bagels and lox?

  25. Heather doesn’t have any black friends, so she needs to show how cosmopolitan she is by pointing out that she has a jewish friend, and not only that – but she is going to eat their food

  26. @Svetlana: mmmm Jew bakes 🙂 Nahh I’ll spare them and make no-bake cookies.

    A jew and a mexican are driving in a car. Who’s driving???

    the cop.

  27. @lostintranslation: and its spelled douche.

  28. Wouldn’t it be ironic if baked jews tasted of pork?

  29. another boring post

  30. People do taste like pork

  31. Megan is pointing out that Nick said COTK? That’s not even a swear. Megan, you suck.

    And Svetlana, Insane, Me, Makster:
    Yes, heavy sedation works. Just go and smoke a bunch o’ marijuana, and you’ll LOVE Christmas shopping…though I don’t think everyone wants a bag of BBQ Doritos for Christmas.

  32. thrushy buttcakes

    oh bry, chill. she’s havin fun. typing a little joke under someones facebook comment is a nice thing to do.

  33. @bry: I love that idea! Absolutely brilliant! Although I don’t know if anyone would get any presents. I would more than likely end up in a gold class cinema watching a ‘less than half baked’ comedy like meet the spartans, with multiple alcoholic beverages and munchies. Fun yes, counter-productive yes, fun yes. Oh right, said that already. Maybe I could try some Valium. Got any??

    @kaysar: “All hail Kaysar!”

    iyaa: You must be the little troll we have been waiting for.

    @Makster: That was funny, but kind of harsh. After Christmas is finished I am going to return your gift! *Pokes out tongue*

  34. Is it ‘retarted’ that I am presently in Saudi Arabia for Christmas? ‘Gotdamnit!’

    Oh, and Megan is stupid.

  35. @MashaB

    Yeah, Aramco sucks.

  36. Christ on a cracker

    Still sounds wrong, bitch. Just call the guy by his name!

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