Monday, December 21, 2009

Dumb Dumbdumbdumb Duuuuuumb




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  1. “Okay will you tell me when you come back?”
    Wow, that one’s the best XD

  2. The first one is GENIUS.

  3. Oh wow. Thanks for posting your comment about this entry, anonisgayisgay.
    Oh didn’t. You used it to attempt to ‘belittle’ people like it means something.

    Good work detective Lester. With a name like that (and comment), you’re well on your way to bigger and better things. Kudos!

  4. Perhaps Anonisgayisgay is actually Anonisgay trying to drum up a bit more excitement in his life? It is the internet after all-how are we to know?!

  5. First one is obviously fake also there was one nearly the same as a few months back

  6. Maybe theres just lots of stupid people out there…?

  7. Lester rules!

  8. Agreed jukaswo… Lester rocks!

  9. @kathleen

    There’s stupid people but even they are not that stupid to think that and the one from a few months back was pretty much the same but the unknown word was idk

  10. @ thorny264

    Ahhhhh i remember that.

    “What does idk mean?”

    “I dont know”

    “I dont know either!”

    Something along those lines? Also, this could be real! Never underestimate the abilty of stupid people

  11. God, and before the Lamebook spelling nazi’s get on my back, i did mean *ability

  12. Spelling Nazis don’t correct obvious typos (‘teh’, ‘throught’, etc.), they point out comically bad spelling that could only be the work of an idiot. Think of it as a service.

  13. I’m calling fake on all of these. I know they’re probably not, but I feel so much better believing there’s no-one that stupid out there.

  14. @ mtc

    I’d like to believe that, but having been a fan of lamebook since the beginning i can tell you that some lamebook commenters become absolute turds about the whole thing and actually do correct obvious typos. Lame eh?

  15. Somebody texted my friend, “What is bbq?”

    This is definitely real.

  16. Maybe he meant he has business cards from people who are dead career-wise, like Carrot Top.

  17. that first one is fake as balls.
    it’s just a rip off of the similar joke that uses ‘idk’ instead.
    stupid sluts.

  18. Just because it’s similar, doesn’t make it fake you nubfuck. Some people are that stupid

  19. a) I don’t think these particular examples are real, but they’re still funny.

    b) @2fst4u: I hate to admit it, but your comment on #19 is the first thing that’s ever made me want to log in and post something here…I can’t for my life figure out what a “nubfuck” is…care to elaborate a little?

  20. These posts could be real cos they’re the kinda of thing I’d say / do. For example I text my bro to ask him the name of the Ida Corr song I like so I could download it. He replied “Let me think about it”, so I sat there waiting for his reply . . .

  21. The third one is the priceless part of this post

    @Pandemik #20
    it’s obviously a typo of “numbfuck”, you nubfuck XD

    Anyway…. what’s with that numbfucking “trend”?

  22. The “one from awhile back” went as follows:

    “What does IDK mean?”

    “I don’t know”

    “Ugh, no one does”

    I have a strange memory…

  23. If the first one isn’t fake, then it’s a set up. That kind of talk is way more appropriate for IM, considering comments aren’t real time. But “23 seconds ago” kind of tips it off to me that it is indeed fake. (In fact all the entries this time are a bit too quick to be real.)

  24. Next week its going to be:

    aaa: What does FML mean?

    bbb: F*** My Life

    aaa: Why what happened?

    But, now they can’t cause I beat them to it!
    Yay me!

  25. @ Sensible Madness, Carrot Top is a headliner at the Luxor here in Vegas. I don’t know how good that is, but he’s at least a step above “dead.”

  26. i agree with ‘athousandtimesno’ #24

  27. Some people are foolish, others naïve, other people have medical problems with their grey matter, others merely intellectually challenged to the point they are incapable of any rational decision….. The folk portrayed here are just half wit cunts.

  28. I like turtles.

  29. And I like monkeys.

    Who gives a shit!

  30. HAHA the second post made me LOL! The third one is just depressing – dude, ditch the cards! LMFNO

  31. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    They’ve all been screenshot so quickly that they look like they were all submitted by the last person to comment. Fake? Real? Who gives a crap? Submitting them youself is lame.

  32. I like Zombie kid.

  33. I like cows! They go into yummy burgers!!! 😀

  34. Ah shit, concentrated stupidity! It burns! It burns!

  35. First one is fake, there is a dislike button, did anyone notice that?

  36. @msanonymous: That’s because the person who took the screen capture hit the ‘like’ button, which leaves the user to renounce their liking of the post via the now available ‘dislike’ button.

  37. I like cows also

  38. @Insane: There is no such thing as a dislike button. There is only unlike which appears after you liked something. There are groups that say that fb has a new dislike button, but it doesn’t work.

  39. The first guy is a tool, just like the first commenter on this post.

  40. I hear there is a dislike app that you can add on

  41. the second one isn’t fake, I sent it in!

  42. the first one is SO fake. it’s a completely different typeface and size than the real ones..

  43. oh and the photoshopper did a shitty job as there’s a white line along the top of the comments between the blue box and the little upwards arrow.

  44. @shutit: dude, way too much time on your hands. get off the computer. go outside. enjoy the world.

  45. @Victoria946: Kewl. Thanks. Is Angela as dumb as she comes across (i.e., as stupid as a box of hair)?

    @Joker Insane Heath: Good stuff!

  46. @Mercure: Haha, no not really, it’s just she doesn’t really speak english that well, so I guess she got a bit mixed up. Also, whoever posts the submissions edited the thing, theres some parts missing.

  47. @Alliston: I know I was tired but refer to the picture above. That is why I wrote what I did. I have only just realised that ‘unlike’ has replaced ‘dislike’. Those groups claiming to have a ‘dislke’ button are merely a petition to force Facebook to implement such a thing. Power to them though! As we can see through Lamebook, not every post, picture [etc.] can be liked.

    @Victoria946: Hilarious! Cheers for the giggles!

  48. LMAO

  49. Angela’s comment is priceless!

  50. Lmfao @ sensible madness. Perhaps he meant Beetlejuice.

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