Monday, December 21, 2009

You Already Did


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  1. Can anyone say “schizophrenia”?
    I can. I can. oh me too!

  2. LOL @ George…even tho he submitted it.

  3. Find something funny to send in George, you attention whore.

  4. Regarding Georges comment – maybe people sent him private messages, wrote on his wall, called him, texted him, etc. But that doesn’t make Diego’s cluelessness any less comical.

  5. Diego: Don’t use condoms? That might make it complicated, but, just to be sure, ask your boyfriend to ensure it’s complicated enough to post the correct settings on your Facebook profile.

  6. Just out of curiosity, how do you tell who submitted each post? I can’t figure it out.

  7. Nellie: you can tell George submitted it because it says “delete” under his comment. He even sent it in 2 seconds after he made it.

  8. Lol, sad George sent that in two seconds later. Shows heès just lurking around facebook to find something to post on here.

  9. Lol, sad George sent that in two seconds later. Shows he’s just lurking around facebook to find something to post on here.

  10. Someone should have replied to his last thing saying “Sleep with a dude, that’s how.”

  11. My favorite part is how Diego types in “settings” like he’s ordering facebook around. It reminds me of one of those interactive automated phone messages.

  12. “Computer, set my facebook status to: ‘is a complicated fool.’ That is all.”

  13. Diego is a bit clueless, but George is kind of a bitch.

  14. I’m sure whoever he’s in a relationship with is just thrilled to know he went to all that trouble to let everyone know that it’s “complicated.”

  15. Fuck you George. Not funny. Attention whore.

  16. @cherylface
    That had me chuckling too. He thinks he’s playing some text-based game like King’s Quest or something?

  17. Kal, it took me forever to get the cheese out of the witch’s cupboard because I couldn’t spell cupboard in 1989.

    “open cubbard”
    “open cubard”

  18. Nellie2386 is Diego.
    George, I hate you. I want to smack you in the face with a cheese grater. You’re pathetic. I bet you wait around on facebook all day for the perfect opportunity to submit to this site.
    I HATE YOU >:O

  19. @Noobie
    Understandable. I used to ask my parents how to spell the words because I knew what to do, just didn’t know how to spell at such a young age. That game definitely helped with learning how to spell.

  20. Diego = funny.

    George = sad.

    The Lame would still be Lame without your sarcastic remark, which you probably deleted immediately after you snipped it.

    Feel the shame!!

  21. Diego and his personalities need to go and have a lie down

  22. Die Diego! Die!!!

  23. Did he think updating his status to “settings” would actually change his settings? Oh dear…

  24. I’m guessing George submitted this so everyone would have a good laugh at his oh-so-witty comment, when in fact his comment is the least funny thing about this. His comment, in fact, makes the entire thing much less funny than it would have been otherwise.

    George: the anti-comedian.

  25. I got a username solely to express my passionate hatred for “George”.

    George you smug dipshit you!
    Flush yourself down a toilet please!

  26. I’ll bet George has died a little on the inside reading all of these comments. He thought everyone would find him hilarious, when, in fact, he’s the lamest part of this whole entry.

    To shame, George. To shame.

  27. George, you nob, I know you’re reading this. Apologize to sweet little Diego, and then delete yourself from his friends list. You don’t deserve his friendship. Unpleasant little prick.

  28. George is an asshole. An unfunny asshole.

  29. One of the best titles around here.

  30. I have laughed more at the comments on this post than any other in LB history.

    @Sensible Madness – “George: the anti-comedian.” HAHAHAHAHA

    George, you are a douche!

  31. George is one of the “First” on every other LB post.

  32. george sucks

  33. I think we should round up a posse and lynch that semen swallowing, cock jockey George.

    People like you George make the world a little darker, it’s sad to be lonely George but it’d worse to have a fucking friend like you. Fuckpig.

  34. Only attention seeking whores and assholes put their relationship status as “It’s Complicated”. Fact.

  35. George spilled any chance of ever mating again by showcasing his douche-ness to the whole interweb. Which we should be grateful for.

  36. George must be a fucking emo. George, you asshole, you make me sick! Go choke on a dick!!!

  37. I miss zombie kid.

  38. I miss Zombies! :'(

  39. @Lizzle #34
    Some do say “It’s Complicated™” as a joke, where maybe people see them hanging out with this him or her so much that they were thought of as having an intimate relationship. Denial is often seen as proof, so “It’s Complicated™” would at least make it seem… complicated.

    No I’m not talking about myself. On Facebook, I’m married with 2 kids.

    Being funny is still attention seeking anyway. Anything you do on Facebook should attract attention.

  40. Diego,

    If you still want to make it complicated, mentioning that you’re functionally retarded ought to do it.

  41. Christ on a cracker

    Oh Diego, you better not be hispanic and just have parents who happen to like hispanic names.

  42. @Christ on a cracker

    What the hell does that mean? I’m hispanic, you douche ¬¬

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