Monday, December 21, 2009

More Brotherly Love


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  1. Wow, Dan just set himself up for that one XD
    Lol, this is so evil! But it’s still mildly funny.

  2. hehehe. that gave me a chuckle.

  3. That’s what he gets for not locking his door haha

  4. that is funny.

  5. Locks, people. Locks. This is a policy I’ve adhered to without exception ever since my mom walked in on me when I was 12.

  6. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough for the kid his older brother had to post the incident as his status hahaha.
    Oh ya he totally set himself up for that one.

  7. Just one more reason to be grateful Facebook didn’t exist when I was a kid.

    And for not having an asshole for a big brother.

  8. finally! A good post from lamebook, this is why this site exists. To funny!!! I would definitely have posted this if I was in that situation, that’s what family is for!

  9. Dan should have wrote “thanks for finishing me off with the reach around”

  10. gas station bathroom

    Oh, brother. Oh, brother! OH, BROTHER!

  11. Getting caught masturbating is less lame than writing “more funny then.” (Or, as britni up there wrote, “to funny.”)

  12. An old friend of mine walked in on his 13 year old brother masturbating in the shower. As I recall he was the butt of Avril Lavigne jokes for a while afterwards – ‘Complicated’ possibly. Point is time your ‘happy time’ well and use locks!!! It’s not that hard! 23 years strong and I still haven’t been caught – touch wood!

  13. that comeback is pretty much as bad as ‘your mom’. john loses.

  14. LOL Insane – “touch wood”. I saw what you did there 😉

  15. this doesn’t belong. it’s not horribly lame and it’s not funny.

  16. @ danteller

    Neither are you.

  17. @jukaswo
    Seriously agreed.

  18. This is ridiculous! We live in the 21st century, an age of unprecedented technological advancement, an era of liberation and free speech and still people stigmatise wanking!

    Good god a teenager had a wank!

    John needs to realise that arguing the case out with his pent up sexually frustrated brother is not the way forward. The ONLY thing he can possibly do is go throw himself off onto his big brothers pillow, showering his brothers bed linen, this should teach John a much needed lesson in wank etiquette.

  19. I once trod in my brother’s gluey kleenex after what I can only imagine was a heavy pump thumping session. Cummy toes are the worst…

  20. When my older brother once walked in on me, he just threw me a thumbs-up and left, and as far as I know, he never told any acquaintances.

    So I think John W. is the real wanker here.

  21. I hate it when you’re in be and masturbate flat out -I mean that fast that if you were travelling the coppers wouldn’t be able to catch you, and you get the load up. You get your little cum rag ready, and you miss. You end up with cum on your wall, on your pillow, in your hair and eyes! Am I the only one who has that problem????

  22. @Insane- You could use a sock? 😀

  23. @pink broccoli: I could, but I would not be able to wear the sock afterwards. A decent load of ‘man milk’ is hard to get with an automatic washing machine, and if that fails then I would be walking around with crunchy socks! Thank you for the suggestion. Is muchly appreciated 😀

  24. @Insane- Thank you for the image of crunchy cum-socks… I think I may vomit… DX

  25. @pink broccoli:
    Gah! Crunchy cum-socks? My eyes! D:

  26. @pink broccoli: You’re most welcome! If you do vomit, can you please put it in a container and ship it to me? I like to use natural lube from time to time ;).

  27. @Insane – oi my love – you should know better! Svetlana judges you! 🙁

  28. Sorry Svetlana 🙁 *packs up morbid kit and goes to time out*.

  29. Damn, I go on vacation and someone talks about crunchy cum socks! I miss all the best conversations :(.

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