Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretty Much

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  1. lolcat.

  2. The cat thing might work out better!

  3. LOL yeah.

  4. Now, Blake, you just need to calm down.

  5. Trying to find something funny on lamebook works about as well as trying to pull teeth from a duck

  6. @5 is that a literal duck or a metaphorical duck (i.e. one of those horrible girls doing the duck bill thing most likely self posing in a bathroom). Because I’d rather like to pull some teeth from the metaphorical ducks =].

  7. Telling anyone to “calm down” is the worst choice. It almost always has the exact opposite effect regardless of gender. Just imagine a moment where you were angry/sad and being way over the top then imagine someone telling you to calm down.

  8. LAMEBOOK: you wouldn’t post “telling a black person to calm down works about as well…”

    If you won’t be racist, don’t be sexist.

  9. Yeah, I guess you’re right…It’s ok to call someone a slut, whore, fag, slapper, porch monkey, lot lizard, lawn jockey, ect…but god forbid you try calling someone a fucking N1GGER! God damn hypocrites!

  10. btw…why would you try to baptize a cat anyways. It’s not like animals have souls…Just throw the bitch in and get it over with. If it can figure out how to swim, praise the lord, if not, may the poor furball rest in peace!

  11. ^ Because the cat played with a skunk, perhaps?

  12. ^Well, that’s just drrrrty!

    I went after a skunk with my 22 gauge pellet rifle once but it kept running into the woods my the time I got my gun….Until I started laying it on the window sill. That fucker kept spraying by my front porch every spring when I lived in Delaware. A couple loads of birdshot unloaded on that fucker and he never came back.

    I guess neither of my neighbors had a problem with me picking the bastards off from my side window, since nobody ever called the police. It was either that or the fact that my neighborhood was somewhat of a closed community full of old warlocks…

    The police weren’t really welcome there…and half of the people living there grew pot in there backyards or on their porch…Every once in awhile we had to hide them when the heli’s did their little low flyby’s….Man, those were the days. Yeah, so that’s another random story from the Capn’s life…You started it man! I like telling my stories dag nabbit, it’s nice to remember the good times…even if a few sourpusses on here don’t like listening to my rambling…lol

  13. LMAO @ 22 gauge pellet rifle.

  14. I know, I thought it was silly at first (didn’t even know they made them!)…but at roughly 1200 fps that puppy could punch through at least my bedroom wall and through the adjoining rooms roof into the attic, or a solid 3/4 inch sheet of plywood…So many holes in my fence (the guy I sold it to was surprised by the damage that fucker could do…Them birdshot shells were pretty badass, too…lol…Many fun-times were had! Not to mention the fact, that, while technically illegal to discharge in my neighborhood/populated area, nobody really cared or bothered me, because it wasn’t a “real” gun.

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