Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just Stop…

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  1. Stupid cunt. That’s the only explanation.

  2. She spelled significant right, thats amazing

  3. ^^no she didn’t.

  4. How does she spell “short bus”?

  5. Someone please smack this bitch in the face, with a shovel, as well as every other person who types like that. That shit gives me a major headache.

  6. Future looks so promising!

  7. My brain already hurt but her “explaination” made me want to cry. I wonder how adding a P to organization improves things.

  8. it’s the just sayin at the end that causes her logic to fall apart.

  9. She even spelled “Jizz” wrong.

  10. Please don’t let her breed.

  11. I don’t get how putting a “p” before the “r” in words makes it look better…

  12. Someone should start a and help some of these idiots find each other. Don’t let them breed though. That would be wrong.


    I can’t spell worth a shit so I made up this awesome excuse.

  14. Matilda I was going to say the same thing.

  15. Please go die.

  16. Recently I’ve come to the realization that perhaps it would be better to encourage the stupid people to breed more often. They rarely if ever accomplish anything of importance. The vast majority of them don’t even understand the concept of voting much less how to fill out voter registration forms. So why not increase the number of people we can laugh at?

  17. As long as one of you are willing to supply the ball gag so we don’t have to hear her scream gibberish the entire time. I’m sure something could be arranged, as far as turning her into a breeder.

  18. @ Friendzone – There is a famous saying that goes something like this:

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.”

  19. ^Are we talking about any place in particular Beatus, because, dude…FLORIDA is full of stupid people…I feel like I’m surrounded by maroons!

  20. It’s Nell!

  21. @CapnJaques, it’s morons. And don’t let her breed! Fools need feed! >:O

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