Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Likes Awarded

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  1. Jacob is a drama queen.

  2. shampoo is better.

  3. Not really Velo, he’s paraphrasing Billy Madison.

  4. o_o

  5. Knib High football rules!

  6. Does he wipe your ass too? WTF is wrong with people?

  7. “You say more inappropriate things than appropriate things”

  8. I fucked Ashlyn.

  9. 9, I think a lot of people have fucked Ashlyn.

  10. ^ I don’t think so, because her boyfriend had to pull the tampon out. If it just fell out, then I might agree with you.

    Way to rip off of Adam Sandler, Jacob, you unoriginal bastard. Again, they cut off the “2 seconds ago” part.

  11. i highly doubt anyones fucked ashlyn

  12. She probably allows anal while she has the runs too.

  13. Lmao and gross @Lost-dog!

  14. How desperate to see and touch p*ssy do you have to be to replace your girl’s tampon. I could understand if there were extreme circumstances like an injury. Just for fun on the other hand is creepy.

  15. Oh god Lost-Dog i just realized that a huge amount of people may actually do that just to save money on lube.

  16. it usually falls out if you repeatedly punch the vagina

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