Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Who says Jorjee was a Typo?

  2. Another mofo victim

  3. Some days I feel like the world is creaming in my face…

  4. wandr I lay awake most nights dwelling on the terror coursing through my mind at the thought of all those victims meeting up and forming some sort of ‘Support & Social Club’…. well that and wanking…. If I’m honest it’s mainly wanking that keeps me awake most nights, I don’t really care about what my fucking victims feel, say or do.

  5. Nr 1 looks like a holiday snap made by a Roman Catholic priest.

  6. golden comment, stoma! 🙂

  7. Mofo, I’d have thought you’d more likely stay awake getting off on the terror you cause them, if anything.
    You bring people together.
    Seriously, a meeting of cum magnets. A reversed bukkake of sorts.
    They just don’t appreciate your art.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    I picture Mofo’s art to be very Jackson Pollock-esque… you know a collection of splattered fluids.

  9. Dawn of the Dan

    It’s also much harder to SEE God when the world is creaming in your face.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    CommentsAtLarge don’t forget the different colors.

  11. Cue a Catholic priest pooping in to defend paedophila, then remarking about how the child looks like he’s got a boner.

    Probably Deidra.

  12. Message to lamebook:
    Don’t pass off spelling errors as typos, it makes you look as stupid as the people who can’t spell.

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